5 Months Old

Geez, time is F.L.Y.I.N.G!

Between a busy schedule, which I'm enjoying as it means I'm not so isolated (quite weird for the introvert, enjoy-my-corner type person I am) anymore, and consoling a teething baby, blogging just hasn't been up there on my to dos. It should be. My thoughts are running rampant. However, I find making baby food, spending time with my little Sweet Pea, and engaging in life keeping me away from the computer. However, I had to make sure to capture this before I forget.



Just yesterday I was looking at the faces of the four people with me as sweet Zoë cried for the first time: my OB was holding her up with the biggest smile on his face, Ben stared in awe at the tiny human he helped create, my mom cried at the sight of her first granddaughter, and my sister helped in on the crying with the biggest, happy smile on her face. Yesterday I remember hearing the doctor say "It's a girl!" as I looked at the ridiculously long, precious baby I had nurtured for almost 40 weeks, had shared every part of my life with, though she would tell you it was quite cozy and not remember the not so comfortable moments :) Only yesterday I nestled 7 pounds 10.1 ounces and 21 inches into the crook of a single arm, while I looked on her perfect, tiny features.


Well, it feels that way, but the hard facts tell me otherwise.

Though I have no idea how much she actually weighs, my guess is she's hovering in the 16 pound area. And she's grown at least a 1/2 inch, possibly more. There is no way, in God's green earth, I can hold her in the crook of just one arm anymore.

5 Month Stats
  • You are in size 3 diapers.
  • Still wearing size 3-6 mo/6 mo clothes, though a lot of the 3-6 mo is becoming too small and the 6 mo fits almost perfectly. I'm sure by next month none of these will fit you.
  • You eat every 3 hours and you are now almost to a consistent schedule for feedings, though every now and then you eat earlier or later.
  • You officially started solids about 1.5 weeks ago. You recently decided you are not a big fan of rice cereal, but as we introduced green beans recently, we're waiting to try baby oatmeal. Either way, you like green beans :)
  • I still don't consider you a great napper, though many informative sites I've read say you're taking naps the way most babies your age do. By the end of the day, you usually total somewhere around 3 hours of naps so I can't complain
  • You are an extremely happy baby. You may fuss more than some babies, but usually it's because you know what you want and it's the only way you know to communicate. This won't be so fun when you're pitching a fit trying to get your own way, but I am so glad you will be able to voice likes, dislikes, wants, desires, etc.
  • You have decided sleeping on your tummy is a no go. You still don't roll from back to tummy as you prefer to not be on your tummy, though I have been able to get some good tummy time out of you the past few days ("good" tummy time means I you play while on your tummy for maybe 5 minutes).
  • You can keep your head in line with your body when you're pulled up to a sitting or standing position from lying down. I can rarely get you to go from lying down to sitting anymore, though. You prefer to go straight to your feet. I'm beginning to think you will learn to walk early.
  • You laugh a lot. I love your little giggle. So, so sweet! I will say you humor some very random things, probably more a testament to the fact you're happy.
  • Gigi and I made you a lovey so we could have a backup when one gets dirty :) You love it! If I forget to grab it for you when we're cuddling before your nap or bedtime, you cry.
I can't think of anything else. I probably forgot something, but it's just not at the forefront of my thoughts. I'm sure it will come up some time if it's important. Anyway, here a few pictures from this past month and our monthly "growing" picture.

Though this picture may not show it very well, you are getting quite long. Growing so fast :(

Though the lighting stinks, this was the best shot I could get of you on your 5 month birthday.

This was after a nap. You had rolled over. It was around the time this picture was taken I realized naps on your tummy would be a no go as you would roll over and wake yourself up :/

Oh are you into EVERYTHING! I already know I will have to watch out once you can maneuver yourself around. See, we had gone in the bathroom so you could look in the mirrior. However, that lasted all of a second when the counter top caught your eye. You bent over and stared at it for minutes. Oh little Toot Toot. You make me laugh!

Had to capture a pic of my little Jedi. Daddy always calls you...well one of the Star Wars Jedi people when you have this particular towel on. I obviously can't remember which one right now.

I absolutely love how much you play with your hands. Not to mention how daintily you hold them. You are ALL. GIRL.

You love mommy's water bottle. I used to think it was only because it's red, but now I think it just interests you. Even the top alone will capture your attention.

Eating some of your first rice cereal. You may try to hold the spoon early...

Your face after your first solid food. Love the expression on your face :)

Daddy was all into making sure I got a good picture of how messy your face was. He wants to make sure we capture all those moments :)

This is often how we find you after you're asleep. If the blanket isn't in your hands, we often find it over your face. I have learned I can do absolutely nothing about this as both Daddy and I have pulled it off your face, only to come back in the room and find it BACK ON your face. 

Sweet Girl,

You are just that: sweet (well, you're not just sweet, but you know what I mean). I get so many compliments on how you are such a "well behaved baby". Unfortunately, I don't think I can take too much credit for it. It is in your nature; you were that way in the womb.

It honestly makes it harder to watch you hurt, like with teething, and gets my blood boiling that much more easily when you start pitching a fit. And yes, though you are young, you know how to pitch a fit. I'm not quite looking forward to disciplining you in that area. Thankfully, as long as I look to him, God will help me to work with you in a supernatural way.

I love how much you laugh these days. You find some of the strangest situations or actions funny, but it makes my heart burst at the seams.

Oh and the light in your eyes when you smile. Your fiercely blue eyes. Daddy already talks about how he needs to purchase a shot gun.

You are so full of life, something I am sure will make raising you that much more difficult, but also that much more rewarding to see you blossom into who you are created to be.

I love you fiercely sweet girl. You are my pride and joy!



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