Wetting Her Toes

We started solids this past weekend.

This mom is happy to say Zoë is taking it on like Donkey Kong :)

I'm not sure if the video we captured of her first meal will show how she dives for the spoon. I honestly haven't had the time to watch or upload it yet. I do know that I love watching her because she will open her mouth ready for it and if I'm not fast enough she bends over straight for the spoon. She's even tried to take the spoon from me, though I know she's no where near ready to feed herself, let alone with a utensil. This diving action is countered, however, by the big breaks between bites she takes. She enjoys her food, taking her time between bites. Though it's currently only rice cereal, I'm planning on introducing her first veggie next week.

She is all into discovering her surroundings. As I type, she is on the floor reaching and half way rolling from back to tummy for a floor mirror (the bottom of it at that, seeing as she tipped it over earlier) that has suddenly captured her interest. Maybe we'll be in the neighborhood of rolling around soon. I say all this to remind myself later of one of the reasons she doesn't just go in for the next bite. Obviously, food isn't the first thing on her mind. At least, rice cereal isn't.

It's making this mom stop to smell the roses a bit more, all while trying to enjoy the phase she's in even though I want to pull my hair out at times with the crying brought on by the tooth she's cutting. Grateful for the multitude of ways God reminds me that I have one of the greatest blessings as my "job" (I truly don't think of it as a job).

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  1. One more step toward Independence. :) hahaha... sorry... that STILL messes with me sometimes... the idea of my kids no longer needing me. Oh sad heart!

    Glad you guys are enjoying teaching your girlie how to eat!


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