I Made It...

...to Friday, that is.

My little sweet pea has been dealing with teething ALL. WEEK. LONG.

You see, last week she

OMG! She just rolled from her back to her tummy for the first time! YAY ZOË! I unfortunately scared her because she startles and wasn't expecting my big, loud (oops! The French and Italian in me came out :]) encouragement. Ha ha! I'm beyond excited for her. YAY!

Anyway, last week she finished cutting her first tooth. That was...fun? Poor baby has zero pain tolerance it seems so she was held a lot to console her and help her work through it. Near the end of last week, the tooth finally finished popping all of its top out. We were then just waiting for the whole tooth to emerge, which should be minimal discomfort as there wasn't any cutting through gums involved.

However, to my dismay (and I'm sure Zoë's as well), she started cutting the tooth next to the first one earlier this week. It wasn't near as bad as the first tooth, but she still is no "Pain? What's that?" type of person.

I didn't expect her to be. I just didn't expect tooth #2 to start cutting this week.

My sanity feels like it has left me, but I'm here. In one piece. With a content (when the tooth isn't bothering her) baby girl, who has almost finished cutting tooth #2.

I kind of can't believe I'm typing that. My five month old has almost cut two teeth. That is nuts.

Yesterday was just as crazy as today. However, I was able to meet my first blog friend: Melissa.

I feel like I look like a college kid in this pic with my back pack on. HA!

Even though we only had a little bit of time, it was so great to meet her. It was so easy to talk with her and I thoroughly enjoyed the time we had together. Love her laugh! Made me laugh every. time. Seriously, Mel, you have an awesome laugh!

Anywho, after a long week this southern girl needs some fried food. I think that might be my next biggest habit I want to kick before Zoë can realized what I'm doing. I really don't want to teach her to eat based off of emotions at all. The first habit would be my mouth :( Yes, when I get fired up, the curse words can fly at times. Ugh!

Grateful for God's grace as I look to him to help change the parts of me that need it.

Here's to a wonderful weekend!

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