Lil' Scootin' Booty

So today I give you proof that I no longer can leave Zoë in one spot. Though I haven't been able to because she rolls, she's now much faster and more dedicated in where she is going.

If she sees a book she wants she's headed that way.

Found an electrical wire? Yep. She's gonna try to get it (though I have attempted to hide/cover any wire she might get to).

I've even found her with pieces of carpet fuzz in her mouth. Our carpet was put in just before we moved in so it's hard to get all of these. Anyway, I thought it was cute how she was scooting over to her bookshelf and thought I would share it with you.

Also notice, her tummy doesn't keep her pants up. They start sagging because of how they're pulled when she scoots.


  1. Gabe is doing the same thing! :) I'm not quite ready for this! Ahh!

  2. Oh boy. The fun is just beginning.


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