Our Bathroom

So yesterday I posted about our new home.

And I had every intention of showing you all of it. Especially because I have family who wanted to see it and it may be a long time before they ever come down for a visit.

Funny enough, someone made a comment about how they love my shower curtain and so I went back to look and see if I had posted pics of both bathrooms. Lo and behold, I didn't. I'm not sure how our bathroom was left out, but I think it's quaint and like that I could hang something on the wall above the towel rack, so I want to show you guys.

This is looking into the bathroom

My only dislike: there isn't an area to keep the aerosol can next to/on the toilet. Thus, it stays on the counter. It doesn't look bad, it just isn't my preference of placement. Otherwise, I love how much space there is and how there is enough storage so the counters stay clear when something isn't in use.

Mmmm...I know it isn't much, but anything extra to make it a bit more of "home" makes me smile. It just makes it that much less "blah", in my opinion.

So, I couldn't really show you this part of the bathroom because it's so small the picture would practically be black. However, see that shelf below the cabinet? And see the basket above the toilet? I love, love, love how I can keep a few rolls of toilet paper and all my monthly necessities kept in nice baskets where they won't get wet and, as far as the private stuff, guests won't have to see all of that, yet it's still handy. I'm also still in love with our shower curtain as much as when we registered for it.

Sorry the pics aren't the best. I just did what I could. I've been so tired lately between a teething baby, working myself through the move, and trying to get myself into the groove of things.

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