We're Here

Yeah. I fell of the blogging radar completely over the past week? Week and a half?  I don't know, I just know it's been a while.

But we made it.

Safe and sound, though not without a couple of adventures I was not asking for (Ben wasn't either for that matter).

And it's beginning to feel more and more like home.

Here are couple of pics of the new pad empty. I missed the guest bedroom and dining area, but here ya go:

When you first enter our apartment, the "master" bedroom is on your immediate right and the wash room is on the immediate left. I apparently missed pics of the washroom, too, but I didn't forget the master bedroom:

 Zoë is sleeping in this room. We chose to give her the master because 1) the bathroom is smaller than the "guest" bathroom and 2) this bedroom supposedly has a smaller closet. I'm not convinced about #2 but I am about #1 and with two people sharing one of the bathrooms, I opted for the guest to be ours.

 Our lovely living area. Complete with a fireplace that has no grate. HA! What's it for if you have no grate? This is straight in front of you as you enter.

 A really bad pic of my kitchen :) It's the widest kitchen I've had since we've been married. It unforunately has a teeny tiny space they call my pantry but we're making it work.

From the dining area there is a small space, I guess you could call a hall, that our bedroom and bath are off of. Bedroom to the right (no pics yet...sorry!) and this is to the left. Love how the sink is seperated from the toilet/shower area by another door. 

And this little cutie did PHENOMENAL throughout the entire ordeal. And she likes the boxes :)

Well, I'm going spend time with my husband, who no longer has 1 am shifts! HOORAY!

P.S. I love watching him walk out the door in professional dress. He looks so good :)


  1. Looks like a great rental! I was just thinking about you yesterday wondering how the move was going. Was happy to wake up to some posts!

  2. Aw! Love that P.S. - so cute! And that he no longer has 1 am shifts - woohoo!

    Look at that CUTIE PIE!

    Love the apartment! It looks nice! Was thinking about you today, girl! Miss you!


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