The New Home

Remember how I asked here, if you could tell me what was going on with all those bubbles from my dishwasher?

Well, of course this is only speculation as there is no real way to test it, we are pretty sure some genius, previous tenant put dish detergent and/or soap into the jet dry compartment of our dishwasher. The picture shown is only a small amount compared to what Ben and I walked in on. Thus the towels.

I actually thought I might have put too much, though I've never had that happen before. However, when we stopped the dishwasher to see what was going on, the compartment for detergent, which is where I always put it, hadn't even opened for that cycle.

Needless to say, I might be putting towels down every time we run the dishwasher for a while. It wasn't water either. Of course, water mixed with whatever the heck they put in there makes the bubbles, so the floor does end up wet, but it's not like that because water is overflowing.

Fun times :)

Anyway, I promised pics of the new home. And I will deliver. We'll start from the entryway:

The Entryway

This is what you see when you first walk in. There are two doors, one on either side of you. To the left is the washroom. To the right, Zoë's room. Straight ahead is our living room :)

The washroom

My hubby and dad installed the shelf just above the washer and dryer. Boy am I glad they did! I'm able to fit all of my cleaning supplies for house and car exterior in there as well as all my clothes detergents/stain removers. There are couple of other odds and ends in there, so it's a bit of a catch-all, but I love that we have that space.

Zoë's Room - in her doorway

Zoë's Room - to the right of her doorway

The closed door is her closet. Since it's nothing more than clothes and storage, I didn't take a picture of it. Though it is a nice walk in. (I didn't take pics of either closet. They're both clothes and storage :]) The cabinets in the far, bottom right of this pic are her "dresser". 

Zoë's Bathroom (looking from the right corner)

It isn't very big, but it will work perfect if we have friends come to stay. It's really nice to have two bathrooms, though we lived with one just fine.

Zoë's Bathroom

I love how each bathroom has enough space to store stuff in easily accessible places (i.e. the medicine cabinets) so that the countertop stays clean and tidy.

This is the left (that is if you're looking from the entryway) of our living room

It's pretty much become our "study" area. One of the table chairs remain in the corner because, as you will see in a bit, we have to push our table up against the wall. That door leads out to our tiny patio, but in order to have more of a living area, the couch had to be in the way. 

This is the right side of our living room.

Better pic of the fireplace and some decoration :)

Yes, we have a fireplace. No, we're probably not going to use it. As much as I love (and I mean L.O.V.E.) wood burning fireplaces (oh and no it doesn't have gas, it's completely old fashioned), there is no grate in there. And the brick is already covered in soot. It's too much of a mess to clean if there is no grate and I'm not buying one :/ Our time will come :)

From the living room you walk into our...

Little Dining Area

The table actually fits much better than I had thought it would. And I was really glad our kitchen counter has a slight lip that protrudes out into the area. It allowed for my two plastic storage bins to fit well and not be in the way.

Our Kitchen

I love how it was relatively easy to make the space my own. And it actually has decent space. Ben can be cleaning dishes or helping me with dinner on one side while I'm working at the other and we aren't in each other's business.


I don't really think it's a hallway, but I don't know what else to call it. This is to the left of the dining area and, as it has since we've been married, our trusty, cheap cabinet has come in handy for some extra storage :) To the left is our bedroom. To the right is our bathroom, which is also, technically the guest bath.

Up first is our Bedroom

This is what you see when you first look in. We have two bookshelves in our room. I think we will always be in need of a good bookshelf :) Behind the curtains is a second door leading out to our patio. Sucks we had to block the one in the living room, nice there were two ways to get out there.

from the left corner of our door

The bookshelf you see in the first picture is behind me.

Gotta love how our fan photo bombs every picture because the pull strings are so stinking long. HA! I wasn't climbing on my bed to hang them over a bulb just to get them out of the picture. So photo bomb they did.

Last but not least: our Patio

It isn't very big, but it is large enough to put a couple of lawn chairs and enjoy sitting outside. It's also already come in handy to have a place to cut Ben's hair.

And that's our little piece of Houston. Very small considering how huge this metropolis is. But we love it. God provided in so many different ways that I'll deal with getting rid of the roaches and bleach stains on my brand new carpet. The complex dropped trying to blame us for the stains and paid to have a carpet cleaning company come and dye the spots. The roaches, well....they're still here but they're almost gone.

Just looking at the pictures as I posted them reminded me of all the many ways God provided for our stuff to fit in here. Items I wondered if I would have to learn to live without because they wouldn't fit out of the way. None of them were necessary to get on in life, just a huge huge blessing. And God saw fit to allow us to keep it ALL.

So blessed!


  1. It's nice. I like your shower curtain in zoe's bathroom! :) Love the kitchen/dining area, too. The fireplace is so cute! Haha! Yay! So sorry about the dishwasher though! UGH!

  2. Love the digs! I really like your shower curtain!

  3. I love it Meg! it's A LOT bigger than your old apartment, and a lot nicer. Love how God provided for you!


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