2012 Christmas

So if you want pics of my christmas, you're more than likely going to have to refer to my sister's blog because, well, I just don't remember to bring the camera out very often. And, because I'm so wanting to at least slightly improve my photography skills, I almost always had the camera on manual which almost always left me without the shot I aimed for.

Anyway, I'm gonna give you a quick recap of what this Christmas looked like. Well...I'm gonna try to make it quick.

So we left Houston the Friday before Christmas after the hubs got off. And because Zoë's teeth decided to cause problems while I was supposed to be packing, we had to do that once he got home. That left us leaving here right around 7 pm. Not bad considering he got off at 6 and didn't make it home until around 630ish.

We were ever grateful that we were able to leave Friday because that meant four full days in Baton Rouge which allowed us to spend time with his family, ample time with mine, and even some time to see Ben's nanny. (Aka godmother. "Nanny" is the cajun name for a godmother.) We weren't able to see any friends with all the things my mom had planned for us and many of them were out of town, as well.

Saturday morning was spent recouping from arriving in BR after midnight and Zoë's teeth promptly crashing sleeping party, not allowing us rest until 230 am. Good times!

Saturday afternoon/evening we spent with Ben's family. I forgot my camera so I have no pictures from that. We enjoyed spending time with them, getting to see our nephews from his side.  (Yep, we have two nephews on each side of our family, but that could change depending on what Linds' baby #3 is. She finds out in January and I can't wait to find out!) And of course, no time with a newborn is complete without being peed on :) He went through the diaper and onto both my shirt and pants!

SCORE: Caleb 2 - Aunt Meg 0

I think he was aiming to make it hard for me to win before he even scored!

Sunday my entire family got together for lunch and my mom made her amazing lasagna! Our family is so large now that we almost ate the entire pan. Crazy!

I did have my camera out for a sec and happened to snap this jewel:

One of Brayden's many "I want to hold she" moments :) Love that kid!
(Oh and btw, he wants his new little sibling to be a girl and name her Zoë too! HA!)

Christmas Eve was spent hanging out and enjoying one another's company. Not much happened that day, which was a great time for Ben to catch up on the zzz's lost Saturday morning...night?

And then there was Christmas. Zoë's FIRST christmas! She loved the paper a lot. Which was good because that's all we got her ;) Here is a pic I snapped. (I'm not posting the video, though that it mostly what I got since my sis had her camera out and going.)

If you're child likes rattles/objects that make noise, they will L.O.V.E. this phone. Zoë is also enamored with the string, as you can see.

My dad carved a watermelon. Though it was hard to capture an entire pic of the thing, I still must show you his mad, awesome skills:
Heck yes!

Oh and I was also able to take a picture with the Hulk:
Couldn't believe he wanted to sit on my lap :) Made my day!

Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk posed for me too!
From Left to Right: my hubby, Brayden, and Drew, my bro-in-law

I was also able to capture a very sweet pic of Zoë with her Great, Great Aunt Rina:
Love them both SO much!

Christmas was a crazy busy day with lots of family to spend time with and enjoy one another's company. We shared laughs and enjoyed watching the kids play with all their new toys. 

I must say my favorite part of our time in Baton Rouge was watching the cousins interact. And boy did they play with each other. Zoë LOVED being around both Connor and Brayden and there were many times one of the boys, sometimes both, would walk up to her, lay down next to her, and start talking or pat her. They played quite well together. Connor and Brayden even liked to be like her, or in Brayden's terms, "I'm doing what she doing." (Gah! I don't think you can understand how much I LOVE how he calls her "she" at times. In his mind, if he's not using her name then he should refer to her as "she" and it gets me. EVERY. STINKIN'. TIME!)

And just for the record, I love all my nephews the same. I just love how he calls her "she".

I also miss my greeting from C-man every time he saw me: "Hi Medan! HI MEDAN! HI!!"

Miss those boys so!

Well, that's a wrap! Christmas was great. Hope all of you guys enjoyed yours. And may your new year roll in greeting you with a warm welcome!

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  1. So fun! Glad y'all had a merry Christmas! That watermelon is CRAZY! HA! Oooh, and i LOVE lasagna.


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