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Katie Did What
This is the first post I've written in ten days. I can't really tell you what all has happened in those 10 days except for that somehow my memory has failed me, my daughter has grown, and I have killed way fewer roaches than I did when we first walked into our humble abode.
To say the least, I'm rejoicing over that last piece of information. Roaches do not make a friendly, welcoming pet. They are a creature which have me constantly asking God, "And just why did you make those little pests?!" Unfortunately, they're not completely gone. But my hopes of that happening were dashed to smitherines when one of my neighbors informed me they, too, have roaches. Not sure where they're coming from but they showed up 5 months ago for them and they have yet to be rid of them. *sigh* C'est la vie... :(
THIS was supposed to be in a post a month ago. Seriously. She turned 8 months old last month and I never did an 8 month post because of the move. If that earns a bad blogging mom award, then so be it. What I'm not a fan of, however, is how it has left me wondering what little quirks I missed writing down because we were so busy packing and moving and killing roaches. Oh well...can't go back now. At least I will be posting a 9 month update next week after her appointment. 

That little cutie pie has me saying "no no" A LOT. And guess what? I try not to say it a lot. There are really only two things that get a big "no no" around here: the Christmas tree and electrical wires. I always just pull her away and try to distract her with something else, but somehow, she is always right back at the wire for the Christmas tree lights or the computer wires or pulling down the ornaments. (Good thing all the ornaments on the bottom are plastic, right?)
And that is all I have :) Life is a bit mundane as everything has been shut down for the holidays (as in no moms groups meeting right now and there aren't any bible studies starting up). Hope you're this 'n thats of this week have your smiling from the memories.

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  1. Oh goodness, you have one very sweet little baby girl!!! Seriously, she is precious! I want one! ;) And yikes, good luck with the roaches, hopefully they are gone for good soon!

    Thanks for linking up!



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