Loving the Parks

So our weekend was quite eneventful.

Friday came and went.

Saturday Ben worked and Zoë and I headed over to Ben's cousin's son's birthday party (boy that's a mouthful...or whatever since I'm typing). That was fun but I have no pictures to show for it since I have a scooter-almost-turned-crawler on my hands and I was by myself.

(umm...excuse me...she's wandered into the kitchen.....)

So I can't sit in one place and know she's not going anywhere anymore...makes for lots of adventures through the eyes of a awe-struck, explorative babe.

Back to this weekend.

The birthday party was fun. Got to see three of Ben's aunts and of course his cousin, her husband, and their cutie who actually turns one today. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with the cake. His mom even put his hand in it to attempt to get him to start eating it. Nada. He actually whined because his hand was covered in icing.

Kind of makes me wonder what Zoë will do. Though I have an inkling she's adventurous enough she'll at least stick her hand in it.

However, I have to say yesterday was my favorite part of this weekend.

We visited yet another church. I enjoyed it. Much more than the first place we went to but I'm not sure as much as the place we went last weekend.

I went a bit out of my comfort zone in that it was a Baptist church. Now hear me out, I have absolutely nothing against the denomination. I just have never been to a Baptist church that wasn't all "hallelujah!" and "amen!" during the service, didn't have a passionate, yelling pastor, and wasn't extremely traditional. And again, I have nothing against that, I just have never been able to feel at home in that type of church setting. Many people do and I'm very glad they're able to find a community in a church body with that kind of service. I just haven't.

However, this was nothing of the sort. It was contemporary. It was uplifting. And aside from we'll definitely have to visit again when the interim pastor (not sure what happened with their previous pastor) is preaching (they were going over missions they're involved in this past weekend), it was very enjoyable and a definite possibility of becoming our new home for us to get connected with other believers.

Then later that afternoon it was actually quite nice outside. And of course, Houston has a freakin' ton of PARKS! And I love it!

Anywho, we decided to go visit one and let Zoë get some fresh air and enjoy the open area around it. Snapped a couple of pics while we were out too:

Isn't she such a cutie pie? She LOVES the swing :)

I love her so.

Ben's face is priceless. And of course, she adores her daddy.

More or less proof I was there. Take note of her relaxed leg on the side of the slide. HA! She wasn't so sure about the ride down though...

I love this just because Ben's face is candid and Zoë is closely watching some other child.

I love how much she loves the swing :)

And that is how our weekend was. Actually had a weekend with something to talk about. It used to be all boring and chore-filled. Not this past weekend though.

How was your weekend?


  1. Zoe is SO adorable!!! I think her and my Maddie might just be the same age! How cute!!!

  2. She is so cute! Love the pics at the park! And glad you have been visiting churches - not the easiest thing to do - i hope you find the right place for your family soon. :) xoxo

  3. I love that first one of her! She's such a cutie!


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