Headed Home

Well, the time has come for us to say good-bye to our family here in Baton Rouge. I'm not going to type much as I want to spend my last moments here with them.

Who knows the next opportunity we will have to all be together like this. It is a bit difficult when you factor in, well next time it will be four, grandkids, nine or more adults, and a total of over 15 hours driving time between everyone.

That just makes it all difficult.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas holiday and isn't keeling over too much from an over indulgence of sweets. I know I had more than my fair share and I will also miss all the good Louisiana food we ate while we were here. Boudin. Red Beans and Rice. Cracklins.


I'm feeling like I ate too much just after typing that. HA!

Anyway, safe travels to all who are braving the roads. Pray my sister and her family make it home, guys. Arkansas has seen some bad winter weather and their family is going to have to drive through some form of it. So pray they make it home safely. And that her boys do well for a 3.5 yo and a just turned 2 yo.

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