This Might Seem Random...

...but I keep having an anonymous comment sent to my inbox. It never makes it on the blog. So is this a robot? Here...maybe you can help. This is what the comment comes in as EVERY. TIME:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Memory Monday v. 9":

bear grylls messer
Also see my web site > bear grylls messer 

And it's usually on different posts but every now and then, I'll get the same one saying the same thing on the same post but different days (i.e. Nov 21, Nov 30, Dec 3, etc.).

I'm not really sure there is anything I can do about this either because even if I chose not to use Disqus, I would deactivate the crazy captcha anyway because it drives me nuts when I have to do it to leave a comment on someone else's blog.

Anyone else have this problem?

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  1. I don't get many comments like that through my disqus, BUT i have noticed that occasionally a friend will comment from their phone & when they do it's not on disqus. It doesn't show up on my blog & the email i get isn't the disqus email - it's the email i would get if i never installed disqus. Plus, it looks like yours is set up to where you can't get anonymous comments. So someone is using your old commenting system through their phone, i guess? That's the only place i think they would see the old commenting system?!? Blah. See if you can find it by going to comments in your settings & report as spam...


I appreciate you taking time to comment :) I do not allow anonymous comments. Thank you for understanding!