Memory Monday v. 9

I want to cherish for a lifetime...

...how chubby Zoë is right now.

Sweet girl, I love your baby fat! It gets me EVERY. TIME. I. SEE. YOU.


Those chubby cheeks that have fallen below your jaw line.

The "definition" of your arms - you would think they're so muscular :)

Your wrists. So sweet the little wrinkles in them from all your chub.

Your sausage-like fingers. They were so long and skinny the day you graced us with your presence; now they're long but they have gained quite a bit of meat on them.

The rolls on your thighs. They get you stuck in the Bumbo. Love. It.

The way your feet have a rounded top because of your baby fat.

Not to mention those toes of yours!

I love you so much Zoë! I love enjoying this time of watching you blossom on a daily basis. I'm just glad for now your baby fat seems to be coming along with you as you grow. It can stay around for a while. Mommy doesn't mind at all and you seem to not mind either. :)
Sorry I have not a single picture to show any of the chubbiness. I do have to say - it is so much better in person :)

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  1. I LOOOVE baby chunk! Seriously... babies are so squishy! I wish squishy worked as well on me. :)


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