15 Day Challenge: [Day 8]

Life of Love
[Day 8]: Describe "the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" of yourself.

Oooy, the challenge is asking a lot of me, because you see, I don't typically sit around and list good or bad about myself. However, if I'm inclined to do one I can locate faults quite easily. Beat myself up a bit? Yeah, probably. But alas, here is [Day 8]:

The Good
  • In most situations, I tend to show a lot of patience. And personally, I wouldn't say this about myself (due to one of my ugly traits I'll be listing), but I have heard that as a compliment for a very long time. And I have seen it in myself, but like I said, I downplay myself a lot.
  • I am empathetic/compassionate. I am able to listen and enter into a situation with someone whether happy, sad, mad, etc.
  • I am extremely discerning. It's uncanny at times. Definitely a God-given gift. Not that I'm not human and don't make mistakes in my discernment, my infant daughter would tell you that if she could talk ;), but I typically can see into a situation and see quite clearly what's going on behind the curtains.
The Bad
  • My mouth can get carried away with some awful language at times. And the bad part of "the bad" is sometimes it makes me feel less stressed after saying it.
  • I have a terrible pet peeve with bad drivers where I talk to them like they can hear me and chew them out. 
  • Sometimes when I talk I rabbit trail terribly and have a tendency to get distracted in the middle of conversation. It's so bad my husband thought I didn't like him or was bored when he first met me. 
The Ugly
  • I have a temper like no other. And if you set it off, you better watch out because this woman would desire a punching bag in those moments. Being 1/4 French and 1/4 Italian does not help either. No! I don't actually get physical with my anger. My mouth starts getting a bit too active :)
  • I was informed the other day, by my wonderful iron-sharpening-iron hubby, I have a tendency to quickly jump to judgements when watching a situation. I don't mean to. Honestly, I don't mean anything by them, as in I'm not holding on to it and thinking were I ever to actually meet that person this would cloud my impression of them, but without thinking I make them. For instance, the other night on our date, Ben and I were sitting in our car when this situation arose for a parking spot. This one chick was acting quite ridiculous in that she was speeding through the parking lot and started cutting off a vehicle which had been waiting for the spot much longer than she'd ever entered the picture. I made a statement about how she's a crazy  ***** and went on with why that was my assessment. Hubby lovingly pointed out what I did. Ooops! 
  • I allow people to walk all over me. Like, even walk all over my motherly intuition or making decisions for my daughter WALK. ALL. OVER! It's horrible. To the point that I get angry about it (HA! Told ya so in my first "ugly" bullet). 
So there you have it. Wow, I'm feeling a bit uncovered by this. Not that I have anything to hide. I just typically take time to "warm up" and start sharing anything about myself. Good exercise in getting out of my comfort zone.


  1. Nope, not even anybody I know. That's super weird right?

  2. Oh my gosh, okay, so I talk to other drivers on the road too, which is hilarious! Everybody always makes fun of me. For someone with kind of a potty mouth (okay, not super bad, but still, it's there), I usually say something like, "Excuse me, sir, why didn't you use your blinker?!" and "Hey, buddy, right turn only in this lane!"

  3. Also, so weird but my picture on this isn't me...it's my friend HJ. Odd...

  4. I related my mouth to being Italian too, hahah. But I'm a little more than half Italian :)

  5. Why is my picture some woman? Oh my gosh, lol.

  6. HAHA. Disqus is posting my picture for you...NO CLUE WHY!
    As for the more than half Italian, you probably can use that a bit more than I can :)

  7. HAHA! I need to start retaming mine, especially now that I have my daughter to think of. I have always wanted to change it, and started, but never finished following through so that I fall back into my old habit *sigh*

  8. It's me...Disqus made changes I wasn't aware of....it should be fixed on any comments after this now :)
    That's hilarious! And yes, I'm typically the same way, unless they REALLY tick me off. Ooops :)


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