15 Day Challenge: [Day 4]

That's right. I'm still making it in the 15 day challenge. HA! Like it's almost over...I've got a LONG. WAY. TO. GO! BUT I thought I wouldn't have stuck with it by this point. Something in my life would have taken precedence and then I would have forgotten and then I would have found myself lying in bed thinking about the fact I forgot and be too tired to care :) However, that is yet to be the case. So...here's to day 4!

Life of Love
[Day 4]: What's your favorite childhood memory?

Ooooy! There aren't a ton of memories I call to mind. I have a few, but aside from those my mind isn't flooded with a gagillion memories. I had a wonderful childhood; don't get me wrong. However, when I think of my childhood I typically think more about how I know my parents loved and cared for me. That is what I remember. However, the stories I do remember are wonderful and we have family videos and tons of pictures to make up for what I forgot :) Here is one of my faves that I can remember (without help from any of our "family media"):

My younger sibs and I used to build indoor forts with any loose articles and lots of blankets when we were little. One of the best forts we ever built was a maze underneath all the blankets which covered pretty much the entire floor of our family study. The room had to be a good 30x15. Something in that general arena of ginormousness (you know, to a little kids mind it was ridonculously big!). We would play hide and seek in the dark in just that space. The best part was we had a rule you could move around but had to stay in the study. To make it even harder, the fort only allowed for us to crawl through it.

So you're playing hide and seek in the dark, a majority of it in a maze fort, and you could pretty much only crawl around.

So fun!

Makes me think I will have to try something of the sort with my kiddos once they are in that phase of life :)


  1. That's a great story!  Children can be so creative! 

  2. Indoor forts are awesome! My ex and I last year totally made one in my living room, so clearly I haven't grown out of that love! 

    Also, if for any reason you forget a day or two, no worries, just jump back in! We'll still like you! 


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