Wishing I Spoke Cry

It was one of those days.

Poor baby.

Between her teeth and her tummy, we just had a rough ol' day over here. If I had an iPhone, or some other type of smart phone, I would grace this post with a lovely pic of me holding her. Possibly one of her Moby time too :) Alas, I don't, so just imagine the little sweet pea in my arms most of the day. Either cuddling or in those glimpses of good moments where she was smiling, wanting to stand, or playing with a toy.

Yes, today I found myself wishing I spoke her language so I could tell her, in her language, it's going to be ok. This too shall pass.

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  1. Praying for your precious little one that the teething no longer be a problem. Numb her gums Lord!


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