The 15 Day Challenge: [Day 1]

So I was reading one of the blogs I've recently started keeping up with (you can check her out here) and she is participating in a 15 Day Challenge. You can participate and/or get more info by clicking the button below. I decided it would be fun for me to try, especially since the "rules" are lax. So here we go...

Life of Love
[Day 1]: list 15 fun facts about yourself

1) I was on the news when I was a baby because of some new change they had made at the hospital I was born in

2) They thought I was deaf when I was born because I happily slept through the NB hearing screening all thanks to selective hearing. Unfortunately, I don't always control the selective hearing and as such found myself in trouble for it when I was younger and still get in trouble due to it today. 

3) I wore these awesome Chuck Taylor Converse with the Robert Indiana LOVE logo on them as my wedding shoes. The shoe background color was blue and the LOVE logo was in red and tiled over the entire shoe. Unfortunately, I don't have a digital photo to show you :(

4) I've been told my accent sounds like I'm from the midwest. I apparently also have enough of a northern dialect that someone from Minnesota, who talked like they were from Minnesota, told me I sounded like I was from there as well. Either way, I apparently am not too southern when it comes to my dialect.

5) My unattainable, dream car (not to mention I could never reckon with spending that much money on any vehicle) is between a Porsche Cayenne or the new Range Rover

6) I hope I don't become a mini van mom. Please understand I don't have any negative thoughts against moms who do in fact (or did) drive a mini van. I just would rather drive an SUV. That's it plain and simple :)

7) I'm married to a man who can talk more than me and people that says A LOT! I love this fact simply because it's women who typically have more words than men. My husband who is a customer service person at a FedEx Office can talk my ear off even after a long day at work.

8) I'm shy and quiet until I get to know you, which is why many people look at me like I'm crazy when I say I can be quiet

9) I love to read. I get overwhelmed knowing there are so many more books out there too read and that I also have books I love so much I want to reread them. AGH!

10) I play the piano and would love to own a private studio some day. We would have to move to a place where I can fit a piano in our home first, though. Which is a goal I have to achieve.

11) I'm am deathly afraid of heights and quite claustrophobic. Because I'm claustrophobic and didn't want to have panic attack during an MRI, I was given Valium. People - be ye warned it doesn't always calm everyone down. I thank God every day they gave me ear plugs and a black out eye mask. I was awake until 1:30 AM after I took that little pill at 2:30 the prior afternoon. NO FUN!

12) Since I mentioned I have selective hearing, I thought I would also mention my hearing is highly sensitive. My husband likes to say I have "super sonic hearing". For instance, the day we were waiting for my brother-in-law to arrive home from his deployment, I heard the sirens of the escorting vehicles WAY before they were ever in sight. We guessed they were probably still a good 2 miles off when I heard them considering it was at least another 5 minutes before the rest of my family heard them and a little after that before we were able to see them. 

13) I'm a SAHM and LOVE IT! Sure I feel like I could throw in the towel some days but the good days far out weigh the bad. Not to mention, as I watch her reach all the different milestones babies reach, my heart bursts with joy knowing by nurturing her I am helping her to discover her world around her. 

14) I truly enjoy baking and decorating, though I'm beginner at the decorating at best. It is even a stress reliever for me (AND you get to eat something yummy after all the stress-relieving work :])

15) I'm relatively new to staying on top of blogging but I'm enjoying it and curious to see how much I can keep up with the 15 day challenge. It may prove difficult considering I never know what my day will be like with my 3.5 month old but it's worth a try to me!

And there you have it. My 15 fun facts. I'll end by saying 1) I cannot believe July is already here and 2) it is hot and humid down here in Louisiana and I'm not looking forward to the rest of the summer. I have a baby who is too young for sunblock and fairer than Snow White. No swimming pool for me because I'm not about to damage her skin this early, which is a major bummer. Oh well. C'est la vie!

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