4 Month Check-up

Oh geez! Yes. I just typed that. I'm not going to post all her stats here because, technically, she isn't four months until this friday. That is when you can expect her typical "growing" post. I just wanted to quickly write up on how amazingly blessed I am to have such a content baby!

She has been slightly fussy post-vaccines, but truly not more than normal. She's currently talking away in her bouncy seat and occasionally stopping to smile at me.

Oh this momma is wrapped (and I thought it was the dad they said to watch out for with that)! HA!

Hopefully, Friday will come with pictures and all. We shall see. I just know I love my little tot!!

And to share some of the sweetness I receive on a (almost) daily basis:


  1. I love how much she talks! I wonder who she gets that from ;)

  2. I have no clue considering niether Ben nor I have the ability to talk someone's ear off :P


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