15 Day Challenge: [Day 3]

Life of Love
[Day 3]: Tell about an article of clothing that you're deeply attached to.

Believe it or not, my article of clothing I'm attached to is quite a new article. Bought for and worn the first time on my Honeymoon, which was a year and nine months ago. But it has a lovely story.

You see, my best friend and I went shopping for my honeymoon clothing together. And found lots of great dresses and shoes and accesories. But there was this one dress. Oh and she is a beauty! And sexy but cute. And freakin' comfortable, ladies! One you could hang out in ALL. DAY. LONG! Not to mention, if you're brave enough, you might even want to find a way to wear it in winter because you just long to wear it. THIS is THAT kind of dress.

Here is a not so great photo of it but at least you will have one:

This dress was on a manikin. We both immediately loved it, so we went searching for said dress on the racks of dresses.


Up and down.


Up and down.

We hung our heads.

So my bestie decided to see what size was on the manikin. Neither of us held our breath as usually manikins usually end up with a pretty small size dress, of which said size does not fit me. But we wanted to see. Just in case.

Wouldn't you know said dress was my size. To the tee (at least by the number presented). We moaned that the dress size I would need to try on would be on the manikin. What store clerk would really desire to strip the manikin?

So we bemoaned the fact and headed back to the dressing rooms to try on the hundreds (ok I exaggerate but there were a lot) of other dresses we had picked for me to try.

But that dress was stuck. In both of our heads.

And that's when my bestie got the most wonderfully, mischievous, great look in her eye. I didn't quite understand it at that point but would you know I was oh so glad it came to her? She left shortly after I saw the gleam in her eye to find a different size of a dress I was trying on, only to come back with a different size AND...


Niether of us could stop laughing after she told me she had decided to strip the manikin.

And oh the dress fit perfectly!

Still one of the greatest memories I have :)

And now, I'm dreaming of the day my body will (boy am I really crossing my fingers) go back to the way it was pre-Zoë. You see, breastfeeding kept my rack enlarged to much more than it was pre-baby. And so I fall out of that wonderful dress now. I long to fit into. To feel the comfortable fabric against my skin. And love the way it fits me. Comfy and cute.

Hopefully, I will one day see that dream become reality. But if not, at least I took almost every opportunity given to wear it.

Oh and by the way, I'm not attached at all ;)


  1. Great dress! And what a great friend you have to be willing to strip the manican so you can have that dress!

    And post-baby... it's ridiculous how much a body changes from having babies. I've given up on most of my pre-baby clothes. :( I hope you have better luck than I have!!

  2. It's pretty adorable that you and that dress were MEANT TO BE! It's magic, it just fit so well and there was only one dress and it was just your size! I like that a lot!

  3. Lovely dress! Just a couple weeks ago my husband and a store employee had to strip a manikin of his shorts because they were the only shorts in the whole store that my husband wanted. It was hilarious, but sometimes it happens like that! I'm glad your friend was brave enough to get the dress off the manikin for you! 

  4. Dude. Totally would have stripped the manikin. Thank goodness your bestie is gutsy! And love that you have a dress that makes you feel so good! I hope you get back into it too :) 

  5. haha I wouldn't have thought of it that way but I guess it's true :) Thanks

  6. That's awesome your husband was able to get the store employee to help him! And yes, I'm VERY glad my friend helped me. Totally worth it!

  7. Thanks! I love hearing others would have stripped the manikin...I am not so gutsy but that's probably one of the many reasons my bestie and I are such great friends. 

  8. Haha, Brilliant story to go with a brilliant dress :)



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