15 Day Challenge: [Day 11]

Life of Love
[Day 11]: What's one thing you would never change about yourself?

Whoever came up with these prompts are striving to make me better about talking about myself. And I guess knowing myself better, too. I like the prompts, thus I do them. I'm just not used to talking about me.

As I sat and thought about this prompt, there were two things about myself I would not change which came to mind. I'm going to give you both as they both literally hit me at the same time.

The first thing I would not change about myself is how loyal I am to those I love. I give them my all. And I would die for them if I was asked to.

The second thing I would never change about myself is I know what I want and believe and pretty much stand firm in attaining/following those. I am not cut-throat about either of them but I do make sure I am heard and if it matters enough to me I'm going to voice it. If I'm the one that has to make the decision, you're going to have a hard time to sway me from doing what I want. If you're talking with me about your beliefs, I listen and genuinely seek to learn from them because I am human and, as long as it isn't contradictive to scripture, there is a chance you might change my mind.

However, it is never an instantaneous event. It may not be for a long while before I realize I agree with you. And if I never do, then I have at least broadened my horizons on knowledge which in turn can become wisdom.

I know I technically cheated with listing two, but I just was not able to pick between the two and since they both happened to come to me at the same instant I decided they could kind of be one ;)

What's one thing (or two if you're like me) you would never change about yourself?

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