Hot Summer Days

I know it could be worse. It is around 88˚ outside right now and feels like it's about 92˚. However, what makes it seem so much worse than it is is the 64% humidity. It's killing me.

All you have to do to sweat buckets is step out the stinkin' door.

The heat makes me never want to leave the threshold of my doorway. For that matter, it makes me never want to even crack my door. And if electricity wasn't an issue, you can bet I would have the AC cranked down to a good old 73˚ in hopes it would maintain a temp close to 70˚.

I don't think my daughter is too much a fan of it either. Her little head starts sweating away and those rosy cheeks might look cute but when accompanied with the "I'm uncomfortable" fuss, you can bet this momma wants to hide in AC bliss.

There would be the pool option if she were older, but considering she is too young for sunscreen and her skin is extremely fair, I'm not chancing damage this early on.

But even with all that said, I must say I am so glad that with Summer, comes many fruit that I enjoy. Watermelon. Mango, Kiwi, Cantaloupe. First and foremost on my mind right now is watermelon. I bought a big, juicy one today and just finished enjoying some of it.

Yes, I may loathe this blasted heat and humidity, but I do love some good ol' watermelon!


  1. I'm obsessed with watermelon! You will often find me sitting with the big container just eating right out of it. We buy at least one watermelon every week and I make sure to never let any go to waste! :)

    We have loads of heat and humidity here as well. And only one little window AC. Thankfully we have a small house and with a bit of air manipulation from the fans can cool things off!

  2. Oooo...that makes me think: I was wondering how long watermelon will last if you cut the entire thing and refrigerate it in a container. Do you know?


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