15 Day Challenge: [Day 9]

Life of Love
[Day 9]: Describe the best day of your life to date.

So, there is really no way for me to widdle my life down to one best day. Thus, you will get a few (they are in no certain order) :)

Definitely the day my hubby asked me out. We had gone to see our church's Youth Music and Drama's production of Les Misérable and IHOP afterwards. We had ridden together with his sister and brother-in-law to both places which landed us back at their place around 11 pm. I'm not really sure how the conversation started, but Ben and I had a good hour and a half long convo standing outside our vehicles. I will never forget how as we hugged to say goodnight, he held on to me and asked me to be his girlfriend. That made for the best day ever and it started at 1230 AM :)

Our wedding day

SO. MUCH. FUN. (not to mention I have the sweetest :) can't you tell by that pic?)
We had plenty of laughs (I handed our pastor a ring pop as Ben's ring at first and it got the best expression, caught by our photographer), some sweet, sweet moments, and a lot of fun dancing away. Then we drove off in his awesome '87 GMC Sierra Classic (also a great moment our photographer captured) and headed for our Honeymoon. Oh and by the way, if you have a wedding in Baton Rouge, The Gatehouse sets you up for reals! Great job on everything AND they send you away with awesome food. Ben and I were sad we couldn't bring the leftovers on our flight with us :( Ahhh...special day. Married my best friend, which still amazes me considering we had only known each other for a little under 2 years by that point.

March 13, 2012. Funny how when not pressed for the date I can remember it but anytime I call the peds office I stumble :) That would be the day sweet Zoë Grace graced us with her presence. I'll never forget the doctor holding her up and saying "It's a girl!" Funny I remember those words sounding really slow because I feared being one of those people who had planned for a girl after a sonogram saying such only to be told it's a boy in the delivery room. She was (and still is and always will be) so precious to me!
Here she is just minutes out of the oven :) Love my baby girl so much!

And there you have the three best days of my life thus far. I'm sure I will add to them but I'm also sure I could never just pick one.


  1. I absolutely loooove the ring pop story! Let's see the photo!

  2. Melissa...Sorry I'm just now replying to your comment. Disqus made some changes and I'm just now seeing this.
    The Gatehouse is off S. Harrell's Ferry between Sherwood Forest and Millerville, but closer to the MIllerville side. Where is Reflections? I don't get around town much :)

  3. I would but I don't have a digital copy with his authorization to post it on my blog :( Sad day because otherwise I totally would...


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