One Memory I'm Glad To Not Have


The way it's causing my little one to fuss and have multiple other problems makes my heart hurt for her. She will be laughing, happy as can be. Then all of the sudden she starts wailing. And sometimes nothing works. We use tylenol sparingly during the day so if we need it at night we can use it. For most of the last week, we have needed it then.

I know this seems to be a common topic of my posts right now, but it is my life. And unfortunately, it's Zoë's life and pain.

On a funny note, she HATES being on her stomach. So much so that she lasts all of a minute on her tummy now. I can walk away to grab something real quick, only to return to find her on her back. She hasn't even tried to roll from her back to her tummy. That is how much she dislikes her tummy. Yet, she falls asleep better on her tummy for naps. Quite strange in my book. Here is a video of her showing you her roll over talent:

I don't know why, I find it quite funny she does this. Tummy time has become almost nil around these parts. Obviously it isn't too big of a deal. We just spend time working on other tasks: she loves to stand with a bit of support and she's practicing sitting on her own. Little toot is growing up fast!

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