15 Day Challenge: [Day 14]

Life of Love
[Day 14]: If you were only allowed to watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? 

Well...I would have to say Father of the Bride, Part II.


Because I love Steve Martin and Martin Short. And they make for many laughable moments in that film. Plus, it's just a heart warming movie. And I especially relate to it now that I have my own little one. I even find it funny how my husband noted the actress who played the daughter had likely never been pregnant because of the way she moves, sits, etc. throughout the movie as she "grows" and Diane Keaton had. Funny observation but only half of it is true. I found the info to confirm that on this and this page.


  1. I love this movie. My favorite part is when the wedding planner says, "Mother and daughter having a baby at the same time." Ha.

  2. That's Kimberly Ann Paisley, Brad Paisley's wife! Love her.

  3. Love Steve Martin & love that movie! Cute blog :)

  4. I love Martin Short from Get Over it! I love Steve Martin as a movie but I can't handle his movies. I should give this one a shot.

  5. I could watch all of the Father of the Brides as many times as they could put them on TV. They are all great and even though I know exactly what is going to happen, I still am somehow surprised. Love them. Good pick!!

    xoxo Amber

  6. Thanks! Same here, which is why I picked that particular one, though I could watch both over and over and over...

  7. AND I cry every. single. time.

  8. haha don't feel bad about that. So do I :)


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