A Day of "Firsts"

Oh this is too good to wait. I'm sure I will be retyping everything I'm about to in bullet form for Zoë's 5 month post, but it just can't wait.

We had three "firsts" today.

One of them was a true first: she actually jumped in the johnny jump up! It was histerical because for whatever reason she was comfortable leaning toward her left side. This left her right foot kicking thin air and barely meeting the ground, if at all. I have a video, but I don't have time for two and I have to post the second :)

Another "first" was I went into her room to get her up from her nap to find her like this:
She rolled over! BTW, notice the awesome red marks on the right of her forehead and right cheek :) Good nap!

She has rolled over before, though only once in her crib. So this really isn't a first, but considering the times of her accomplishing this have been so few and far between, it was quite exciting to go in and find her like this. Though a bittersweet as it means she is growing :/

Ahhh, but the final first: MELT. MY. HEART! This wasn't a true first either, as daddy was the first to elicit a laugh from her, BUT it is the very first time I've ever gotten a response to peek-a-boo AND she giggled. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

I must note, my blasted point and shoot has a terrible buzz it adds to the entire experience. Grrr! At least I still caught her cute giggle on camera :)