15 Day Challenge: [Day 6]

Day 6. I've actually blogged 6 straight days in a row (this also means my sweet pea has been taking her naps 6 days in a row! WHAT?! Thank you God!). So yes, I'm linking up with Sar again. Here is day 6's prompt:

Life of Love
[Day 6]: What's something you've always wanted to do but haven't? Why not?


I thought this would be hard but it came to me quite easily: with my ever growing love of baking and wanting to come up with my own recipes (you read that right: I'm always wishing I knew the main staples for cakes, breads, pastries, etc.), I've had a desire to take a professional baking class. Or even a short class taylored to something specific (i.e. my mom had heard of some cupcake class here). I love to bake that much.

Why not? Well let me run down through my current list:

1) My husband works two jobs. Three days out of the week he's not home until way too late. So the days he is home, we try to take advantage of the time given us, whether it's time together or allowing me to leave the house for a breath of fresh air and some alone time, sans baby.

2) I have an almost 4 month-old baby girl. I am a SAHM but I can't go to a baking class with her. Not relaxing for me or her and heaven forbid she get burned because I had her strapped to me. Not my idea of fun.

3) Our budget is a bit thin at this point and any baking class is not really going to fit into said budget. Plus, when God does bless us with a little extra, we either save it or use it for fun dates we've dreamed of but require some money.

And there you have why I have not looked further into a professional baking class. But one day, oh yes, ond day I will. Why? Because I would love to get creative like Cake Boss, just on a smaller, personal scale :)


  1. I've had to put off quite a bit because of kids... but they grow up and you find that you have more time again someday. Mine are 4 and 5 1/2 now and it's a lot easier for me to get out and do things now. But there was a time!! Oh man.

    And budgeting... wouldn't it be nice if we could just be those people that don't care about budgeting and just spend money they don't have?? Eh... probably not haha. But sometimes I WANT to be like those people. I'd be doing a lot more if I didn't mind having debt. :)

  2. First of all, thanks for the encouragment! I hear it all the time, but the repetition is good for me.

    And as far as what you said about wishing: yes! Well, really no, but sometimes I want to say yes :) I can think of a gazillion things I would replace if we didn't mind having debt. But it feels good to have no one breathing down my neck about payments either. So...yeah. Mainly no :)


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