Firmoo Online Glasses Store [Review]

So I know I've seen the Firmoo reviews floating around the blogosphere. And secretly, I wanted to try it. I've never been brave enough to try glasses out online because I'm ridiculously hard to find frames that fit my wonderfully oval facial shape (read: long). It just isn't easy.

For those of you who may not have heard about it, Firmoo is an online glasses site. You can purchase non-prescription and prescription glasses and/or sunglasses. And honestly, they have some really cute frames.

So I went through the frames and chose this pair. I went a bit out of my comfort zone in that they aren't as rectangular as I normally get and thought maybe, just maybe I would like the way they fit. They looked really cute online. Even Ben thought they were becoming via the try on tool.

Well, my glasses arrived this past week while I was back in the good ol' BR. Naturally, one of the first things I did once I was going through the mail, was rip open my Firmoo package. I was so excited and somewhat anxious about trying on a pair of glasses I hadn't actually ever set on my physical face.

Unfortunately, as soon as I saw them on myself in the mirror, I realized that I would never want myself seen in public with them on. Funny enough, they actually looked decent on my husband. They just did not look good on me. At least, I don't feel comfortable in them. And the height of the frame was much more than I like and feel looks good on me (read: I think they are too big for my face). Here are a few pictures so you can see them on me (please pardon my hair. It's been some crazy days over in these parts):

So as I look at this picture, I can see how some people may actually be ok wearing these frames. They're a bit "taller" than what I like for glasses.

This is how I would feel inside all the time if I were to wear them out and about. 

Just another to give you an idea of how they looked :)

Overall, my experience was great. I just happened to run into the one problem that has always kept me from an online purchase of glasses: my hard-to-fit face. If you are brave enough to try or you generally don't have trouble finding glasses that work on your face, I would recommend you give Firmoo a shot. They even are running a "First Pair Free Program" where you pick your free pair of glasses, all you have to do is pay for the shipping. Also, I e-mailed their team just to let them know what happened and they gave me a suggestion that I may try if I brave online glasses "fitting" again, and I think will be helpful for those who do want to try and may have a hard-to-fit face: they list the  height and width for every glasses frame so make sure to find a pair that will work with your face. You will likely have to coordinate with your eye doctor for measurments OR measure an old pair of glasses to give you an idea of what you're looking for.

All in all, Firmoo had great customer service and a pleasant (and fun I might add) experience of virtually trying on glasses. Definitely a positive experience overall.

*Disclosure: I was sent a free pair of Firmoo glasses for this review. I was in no other way compensated. All views and opinions, as well as photos, are my own.*

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