Have You Ever...

...seen an egg with a double yolk?

I think maybe, just maybe, I had heard of such a thing before, but today I was gifted with the pleasure sadness of cracking such an egg. Call me crazy for possibly shedding a tear or two over the, not one, but two unborn chicks that weren't given a chance to be oh so cute. And I happened to be the one that ate the white of that egg.

Ben asked me if I ate both yolks. I have borderline high cholesterol and was already planning on only eating one of my yolks from two eggs. So this one got pitched. I just found it quite interesting and then started musing about the thought of twin chicks growing in such a tiny space. Amazing the way God creates.

And just for laughs:

Ben said it looks like a yellow butt in this pic. I laughed.

Just sayin'.

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  1. It is amazing how God creates...wow i wonder if two chickens could really grow in there ya know? would they hatch early? live? ...so many questions!
    And yes...yellow butt, hilarious! :)


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