One Year Ago...

...I was given the biggest, unasked for (SURPRISE!) blessing: my daughter, Zoë Grace. (Well, her first birthday was last week, but as we were out of town and we went for her one year check-up today, I'm just getting to this post.)

And honestly, that last sentence renders me speechless.


As in I just am baffled at how quickly time flies by. So cliché. I know. But honestly, it's like instead of looking at a time glass with the sand seemingly slowly seeping down to the bottom as my time here continues to pass, I'm staring at a broken one where the sand comes pouring out. All. too. quickly.

We have a digital frame sitting in our living room full of pictures from our lives over the past two and a half years. Which, of course, means there are plenty of my sweet Zo-Zo bug that I catch glimpses of here and there. Last night, I had a moment where she was staring up at me, talking away, when a picture from her 3 month shoot popped up. I quickly realized that I'm no longer staring at a baby girl, but a little girl who is rapidly leaving behind many baby features. Her face isn't even as round as it used to be. She is growing up before my eyes.

Time evades me. And all I can hope is that I use it wisely to teach and love her, to cherish every moment I am given, to enjoy the blessing that I have been given rather than succumb to complaining about whatever it is I might be able to find to complain about. (Um, that last part makes it sound like I'm a constant complainer, and though I'm not, I still like to remind myself that I always have something to be grateful for even in the difficult situations I face.)

So here is what we've been up to in her last month of her first year:

12 Month Stats
  • Weight: 20 lb 2.5 oz (33rd percentile)   Height: 30" (77th percentile)  Head Circumference: 18.11" (75th percentile) As you can see, you've stayed on the small side for weight and on the larger side for head and height. As Dr. Black told us today, "She is very tall and she has a nice size noggen." :)
  • You are becoming more and more verbal. You know how to properly use "Mama", "Da Da", "Poppa" (You caught him off guard when you were crawling around the house and saying it.), and can almost get out "Paw Paw" but aren't quite there yet. You've said "Gigi" a couple of times but it hasn't quite stuck yet. You change the way you say the "ba" sound for "baby" (sounds like "ba ba"), "ball" (sounds like "baa"), and "that" (you put an upwards intonation on the "a" of "ba") while you hold your hand out towards whatever "that" is. You also try to say "bye bye" when Daddy is leaving or if someone has said it to you. 
  • You sing all. the. time. You love to repeat certain sing songy syllables, too. Currently your favorite is "ah ah ahhhh" with all of them being at mostly the same pitch. You also like to sing "ahhhh" sliding the pitch up.
  • You recently started making yourself look pretty (umm..that's the only thing I know to call it) for people if you like them and want their attention. You will sit yourself facing them, make sweet eyes, point your right arm backwards, and move your hand in a "fancy" manner. Funny enough, you did it for Dr. Black today while we were discussing you :). You were a bit disappointed when he didn't notice.
  • You've started pulling up to your feet, but only at your toy chest. If I pull the drawer out, you love to pull yourself up and peek in. It is the. only. object. that motivates you to do this. I think the reason you generally don't pull up to your feet is because most objects don't require you to in order for you to see on them (i.e. the couch, chairs, etc).
  • You use all the signs we've been working on regularly now. If you start whining for something, I will look at you and ask, "Zoë, how do you ask nicely?" You, generally, stop whining and sign please. It's SO cute! You also loved your yogurt for you birthday last week and were continually signing "more". You couldn't get enough! You also love to tell us when you're "all done" with something. You started signing it today when the Lab Tech came in to take a blood sample. You had already been given your vaccines and realized what he was coming in for once he opened his kit. You were "all done"! We're now working on "yes", "no", and "eat/food".
  • We opened your birthday presents yesterday. At first, you would have nothing to do with any of the other gifts because you love your push popper. However, when Daddy was able to get you to open your baby doll, you immediately dropped the popper, pulled out the doll, and gave her a kiss. Needless to say, I think we could have bought just those two toys and you would have been set for a while.
  • You're clothes size is really hard to determine. You need the slimness of 12 month/12-18month sizes for both pants and tops, but you need 18 months/18-24 months size length for tops. Needless to say, I'm hoping you start walking soon because I bought dresses and bubble suits for you to wear, for the most part, considering it's just a little hard to keep pants on you (yes, even the 12-18 month size falls off cinched as tight as it will go, you skinny baby you!) and your shirts look really baggy at the bottom. :) There is no doubt in my mind (and probably Daddy's, too) that you will end up built like both of us.
  • You now have 8 teeth (that's a lot for a one year old, according to Dr. Black. BTW, kids only have 20 teeth.) and are working on pushing a molar and a tooth next to it through. Tough times :(
  • You handled getting your vaccines like a champ!! You cried as much as I would expect, but the minute I picked you up and held you while you held your lovie, you were golden. You snuggled in my shoulder :) Hate that you were hurt, but loved that you let me comfort you and you just cuddled right up into my shoulder.
  • You've discovered the toilet paper. And yes, the first time, I let you so I could capture some proof. It is now something we always have to watch if you're in the bathroom with us for any reason. Because, well, it's just fun to unroll the entire roll!

Working on your task

 Working on one of your favorite things: shredding any type of paper...


Before I rolled all you'd torn off back on

Proof of the work
  • You also enjoy pulling all of your clothes out of their cabinet. I have found you in your room several times making quick working of flinging everything over your shoulder. Ahhh! And I thought I only had to fold laundry after it'd been cleaned. *sigh*

  • I might have already said this in a previous post, but I think it is worthy or noting (or renoting): you. are. a. ham! You love to get everyone's attention and subsequently love to make silly faces or act silly to see if you can get us to laugh.
  • Though you seem to be a people person, you are slow to warm up. A smile comes quickly, but generally it's only after a few minutes of time has been spent with the person. It comes more quickly if the person has been engaging you. You are even hesitant to wave good-bye to anyone at first. Yet, the minute we turn to leave, you start waving. It's very cute just to watch all the subtle nuances of your personality continually unfolding.
  • Though I haven't seen it happen much, you are beginning to nod and shake your head in response to yes and no questions you know the answer to. Though it makes it difficult when it comes to your will pitted against what I'm asking you to do, it's been a lot of fun actually being able to communicate with you a bit.
Zo-Zo Bug,

One year ago I welcomed you into my life. You were so precious and tiny.

I'm so glad God chose me (and your Daddy) to be blessed with the gift of you. To watch you grow is such an adventure, one I wouldn't trade for the world. You bring light and laughter into our home. Your heart is full of sweetness just beginning to show itself in different ways. It's also full of your own kind of determination which I am quite curious to see how it will develop over time. It is such a joy to call you my daughter, to be your mommy. I hope there are many more years in store for our time together!

I love you more than anything, Zoë!

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