So by now, you may think I'm crazy. I mean my last post on Ben's and my story unveiled a pretty crazy detail. (If you're just starting, I would recommend you read the back story, followed by the first part of our story.)

Honestly, I kind of thought I was crazy and maybe I had heard God's voice wrong. But, I kept on with life as normal.

And I just realized that I should back track a bit.

You see, Ben came back from a several week mission stint in China the Summer I moved to Baton Rouge. And he came back praying about going back to China for a year. However, shortly after school started up that Fall semester, he found out that if he didn't finish his degree by May 2010, he would not be able to earn it. Something about the Dean hadn't been keeping up with the accreditation for Art Education and so the program would be no more as of May 2010. When he found this information out, he felt God telling him to finish out the degree, rather than move forward with China at that time.

Had Ben gone to China, we likely would have never met. He would have been gone later that Fall semester. Which would have meant he wouldn't have shown up at the Super Bowl party that fine February of 2009. And the outfit my little sis insisted I wear wouldn't have left an impression on him along with my personality. (And yes, Ben still knows what I wore to that party. Ha!)

After that meeting, we really only saw each other in a quick passing by at church or me asking him where the other girls were sitting. I began to think I was ludicrous for ever thinking that we'd possibly be meant for one another. (I don't know a better statement to use, but I don't believe in the whole there is only one person in the universe you are made for. The person you are supposed to be with is the person you marry. Long story short.)

And then we both helped move his sister and her husband. It was a two weekend commitment because they had to move out of their old apartment, but the new apartment wasn't ready until the next weekend.

The first weekend in March of 2009 I spent plenty of time getting to know Ben, though it had nothing to do with me trying to pry my way into his life. I needed a ride and my original ride was cram full of stuff. Shane, who picked up on the fact I needed a ride, quickly piped up and asked me to ride with him and Ben. There was lots of laughter to be had by all and the multiple trips taken from the old apartment to Ben and Celeste's parents passed quickly.

Once the job was done, Ben's parents hosted all of us at there home for lunch as a thank you for helping. During the meal, I needed my phone, but couldn't find it even though it had recently been sitting on the table. When I asked for a phone so I could call it, Ben and Shane both shoved their phones into my face. I grabbed one, called my phone, and found it was in my chair.

Score: Blonde Moment - 1, Megan - 0.

Though I spent time riding around in Ben's truck as the group was hanging out, I went home that evening thinking that it would never work. Our paths would never be going the same direction. And I was honestly ok with that.

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