This Weekend, I... [v. 5]

I think I could make this my mantra these days -> I want to write, but I'm not sure what to write, staring at the computer screen is doing nothing.

I'm beginning to wonder if I'd churn out my best work in the early hours of the morning or the late hours of the evening. However, my mind, for whatever reason, feels that getting up in the wee hours of the morning means going to bed oober early; of which, I am no fan. On the other end, staying up late would mean getting to at least sleep until 8 am, but I haven't seen one of those days in almost 2 years. (That is, I can say 2 years if you count when I was pregnant with Zoë because I don't count getting up every couple hours to pee and sleeping until 8 as truly getting to sleep until 8. Period. And that would have only been on the weekends. I worked unti the day I had her.) I like the idea of staying up late, just not the lack of sleep I will have because of it. Also, I already get up around 530/6ish so I can hopefully have at least an hour of time to myself for journaling, prayer, time in the word; truly so I can have quiet, uninterrupted worship however I feel God leads.

Maybe I have writers block. Or toddler block - I am currently listening to Zoë work out whether she is going to fight sleep or actually get the good nap that her eyes have told me she's been dreaming of all morning. (No. We haven't dropped morning nap. She just barely napped this morning.) There are too many noise distractions going on to properly clearly head. (Another argument for writing either early or late in the day.)

All this to say, that today, I'm going to give you my best, and today, my best is bulleting out what our weekend looked like.

Oh! *lightbulb turns on* I'm going to link up with Sar and Syndal , because they have a link-up just for bulleting out the weekend. Perfect!

This Weekend, I took Zoë to see a production of The Jungle Book at Miller Theater. As much as I'm already a fan of free shows displaying different forms of the arts, I'm not a fan that it is blistering hot already. I'm not sure we'll be seeing another day show during the summer. However, I am very much grateful for this theater and look forward to seeing more shows in the Fall/Winter months. She actually enjoyed a majority of the show, danced to the little bit of music that there was, and then was d.o.n.e. Thankfully, that was closer to the end of the show and she was content standing while holding on to the  back of the chair in front of her. (We knew who was sitting in front of us so we weren't being rude. It was another kid who was almost scooted the entire way forward.) And what little I could pay attention to, I enjoyed as well.
This Weekend, I went on the routine grocery shopping trip with Ben and Zoë. I'm not sure why Ben enjoys going grocery shopping with me, but every now and then, I actually enjoy making it a "family outing". I say "every now and then" because sometimes it is the only time I get to myself. And though I'm not a huge fan of grocery shopping, the time to myself is a rare commodity I would pay for if I had to.
This Weekend, I baked these delicious muffins. We had a Sunday Social in our Sunday school class yesterday. Everyone was asked to bring a breakfast item. I honestly had forgotten about it until my friend Kristy reminded me Friday. When I was racking my brain friday night, I remembered I had everything I needed for these. I made the dough Saturday night, refrigerated it, and baked it on Sunday morning. Yummy!
This Weekend, I went to volunteer training for our church's VBS. Though Zoë is too young to partcipate, I saw no reason why I couldn't help, especially as they have childcare for the younger kids of the volunteers. Though it's a bit awkward to look at and learn some of the songs and motions we'll be singing all week without the kids there, it was a lot of fun. I'm so excited about being able to pour into some of the younger generations!
That about wraps it up over here. Nothing fancy, but many times, I'm ok with that. We're low key kind of people, especially with the Summer pounding on our door. I think it's trying to slip in through whatever cracks it can find in our old dwelling. Hope everyone's weekend treated them well!

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