Our Wonderful Weekend

Good morning! (Many times I wonder how I can write such a greeting, and though I know it might be through messy hair and a tired-I-just-woke-up voice, I am reminded that I have every reason to smile every day - my Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow!)

And so I'll say it again, GOOD MORNING! (Yep. That was a bit more chipper.)

I know I tend to disappear from the world of social media and my blog whenever guests are in town. And last week was no exception.

Thankfully, I wrote my post for my Praying for Him series before my mom made it into town last Wednesday, because from Wednesday through yesterday, we were busy roaming TJ Maxx, Target, and avoiding the heat as best we could. I also had a helper when it came to Zoë's 15 month check up. (Yes, I have yet to write that post. I haven't even taken her 15 month pics. *sigh* Hoping to do that this week.)

By the time Friday rolled around, we were enjoying one another's company and added my dad to the mix.

Zoë had already been thoroughly entertained by my mom as she blow dried her hair.

I mean can you not see her steady gaze as she's enthralled by only God knows what with that device. This isn't the first time she has come rapidly crawling whenever she hears it turn on.

She also found many giggles while she delighted in this little guy:

I thoroughly understand her excitement. We all enjoyed having Cody around the house. It sort of fixes my fur baby desires. Sort of.

Whenever we arrived home, this was always the scene to unfold:

I'm not so sure Cody was as much a fan of it as Zoë was. It seemed to elicit giggles. Every. time. While Cody incessantly whined until we released him from his torture chamber. (This dog was not kennel trained. He thinks he's in prison.) Please don't think we left him in there for any long amount of time. It only takes the .0000001 sec for you to put a toe across the threshold of your doorway for him to begin the whining. 

Of course, Friday was full of laughs and giggles to be had by all. Which could only mean one thing: a demon would be possessing Zoë on Saturday which was overloaded by whines, tears, and "I want my way" temper tantrums. (We are rapidly getting full swing into toddler hood.) However, an afternoon nap seemed to fix most of that and we enjoyed lounging around while Zoë happily pushed her new walker around the apartment. (You guys, I don't know why we didn't invest in one sooner!)

Somewhere in there my dad fell asleep on the couch (note: this is nothing new. He falls asleep at the drop of a pin.) Normally, this doesn't provide for laughs. However, I'm pretty sure you'd have been laughing too. See for yourself.

I don't know what the rest of us were doing when mom noticed this, but we all died laughing. Normally, Cody will find a spot to cuddle up next to dad while he's sleeping, but for whatever reason, this day he decided it'd be a great idea to sit on my dad's head. Dad had no idea until we showed him the pictures.

We ended the weekend with singing happy birthday to my mom. Dad, who always finds a fun way to spruce up events like this found a sparkler candle. My mom was elated! It was great seeing her smile as we sang to her.

Oh, and of course, Zoë had to start some kind of mischief before my parents left this weekend.

That face. Oh, that face! It looks like a mix of "I didn't do it" and "I can't believe you caught me." Thankfully, none of them busted. No caffeine rush for Zoë today!

We all thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. Though originally we had planned to be by ourselves for Father's Day, it was nice to spend some time with my parents.

Ben and I ended it by watching The Amazing Spider-man. SO GOOD! I was thoroughly surprised and had a few questions about the story because all I know of Spider-man is the movies with Toby McGuire. I loved this one. It's such a good movie all the way around. And according to Ben, it's much more true to the storyline from the comic. (Fail for the night: I called it a graphic novel. Ha! This is obviously not my area of nerdom.)

It was a nice wrap to a nice week/weekend. 

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