This past Sunday our Pastor started his sermon with this question: "If we each had our own verse in the Song of the Redeemed, what would it look like?"

I stared blankly at him. (Maybe I have a new running theme of "deer in the headlights" in my life.) All I could think was I wish that I knew what mine would be. And then I started thinking I feel like mine would just be too long.

Funny how that works. How Satan creeps in unannounced, stealthily to crack even a simple idea that has the possibility to help remind you: "This isn't about you. Or how long you feel your list might be. This is about ME! This is about the fact that what you were is no more. I have and am making you new. That includes you!"

Ok. I have to quote this verse verbatim. It gives me chills down my spine and hope in what is to come.

"And He who SITS ON THE THRONE said, 'Behold, I am making all things new.' And He said, "Write, for these words are faithful and true.'" Revelation 21:5 NASB (emphasis mine)

Does that do the same thing for you it does for me?!

I read that and I start jumping for joy. Well, not literally, but I could if I wasn't so tired or comfortable where I sit. My heart starts pounding and I can feel a desire to shout from the hill tops start bubbling in my chest.

(Yes! I just did that. Unashamedly too. Of course out of consideration for my neighbors, that is just      an internet shout. Why not?!)

Anyway, my point with that verse is this: who I was is not who I am and am continuing to be molded into today because I am redeemed. So as I think about what my verse just might look like, I begin picturing something like this (Oh...let me offer short background on my testimony - I placed my faith in Christ at 6, lived in anger through much of college and finally turned my back on Him my senior year, but by the end of it He had recaptured my heart and since then I would say I've truly understood and strived to live through my relationship with Him):

The darkest days I would succumb
Numb from life was the perfect drug
Bound to anger, worry, and fear
Life's meaning seemed to haunt my ear
But then arose the glorious Son
Who's life gave all, who took my debt
So I might know Him more each day
So I might hope in Him always

That's a rough writing, but I imagine I'd tweak those words until it fit perfectly with whatever music the "Song of the Redeemed" happened to be set to. (Can you tell I'm a bit of a music nerd? :)

To see where I have come from and know that my hope is solidly placed in the One if I will forever get to worship when I pass from here to eternity or He comes for His bride (AHHHHH!!!!!!) makes me grin. A HUGE grin.

I hope this does the same for you!

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