It's 2 am...Enough Said

It's 2 am.

And I can't sleep.

I shut my eyes and hoped for crazy dreams when they opened and read 1:04 on the alarm clock. And then 1:20. Oh and 1:45. And...well, you get the point. Let me explain that, for whatever reason, I've been having the most insane dreams lately, and so though I usually don't care whether or not I dream, I was wishing for them when my eyes greeted an alarm clock telling me it's way too early to be awake.

But, I. just. can't. sleep.

I kind of am wondering if maybe my dinner had too much salt and that has just as bad an effect on me as caffeine. Of which, I know is absolutely, positively not the cuplrit because I rarely drink caffeine and I haven't had any for days. This also brings tears to my eyes as the way-too-salty food I ate last night was Chuy's.

For those who don't know what that is, let me enlighten you: it is some of the best Tex-Mex I have ever laid stomach on. (Did I just say that? I'm going to blame the fact that it's 2 in the morning.)

Carrying on.

So my head has been rolling around inside it's little wee space on top my neck a lot lately. (errmm...maybe I need not write at 2 am...my mind seems to be a bit wacko at this time of day...night? Whatever...but I'm all about keepin' it real so...yeah.) I keep thinking how much I want to devote to this tiny space of the internet of mine, and then I always find that it hasn't made it to a space of priority and I'm not great at the post a day, though many times throughout a day I think, "Oh! This would make for a good blog post." or "I would love to just type this out and share it with my followers in my corner of the web."

Yet, I never find myself sitting at the computer with enough time to get a blog post out. And honestly, when inspiration hits, it's really hard to find time to sit with an ever active 15 month old always vying for my attention as well as household chores and errands to be run. Not to mention I've added a 10 year old to the mix at least three days a week.

I would have to wake up at...well, now! Ha! Not literally, but essentially, my quiet time that I try to keep sacred would need to be exchanged for writing time. And I'm just not willing to sacrifice my time with the Lord so that I can write to my little hearts content.

So I ask you, how have you found your niche in the blogosphere? What is it that helped you find a way to getting your thoughts to...computer screen (sure...thought it's not at smooth as "thoughts to paper")...? Do you always have time to actually jot them down when they come or have you found a method to help you remember so you can write about it later? And for those of you with kids, how have you found the time to write without taking away from them?

I'm of the mind that I enjoy writing almost every day. I just haven't found my niche yet. I'm still working on finding my writing voice, though I hope it's a lot like my natural speaking. I'm all about being personable, warm, welcoming. You know, two friends sipping coffee or cocoa or tea, something and just chatting the time away? Yeah, that.

Well, my eyelids are growing heavy.


I will greet you later. Hopefully, when the hour isn't so undisturbingly early...late? Who cares. When the hour says I should be staring at my eyelids, not a computer screen.

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