Yes, my friends. That is exactly how life is functioning right now and I'm not quite sure when it will cease to be guiding itself. At least, that's how I feel. Ben would probably even agree with me considering he typically has at least 3-16 hour work days a week with 2 more regular 8 hour days shoved in there.

My Typical Day

1) Wake up at 0530 (doesn't that just sound grand?!)

2) Eat breakfast so you don't pass out from a sugar low

3) Get ready for work

4) Drive to work

5) Work a minimum of 8 hours but typically 9+ hours a day

6) Drive home in the wonderful traffic

7) Eat dinner, which may need to be cooked

8) Possbily lounge for a little bit

9) Go to bed but continually wake up to go to the bathroom :)

10) Repeat the cycle

Exhaustion is at such an all-time high right now I'm not even sure I could function if I wasn't on "auto-pilot". It has become very monotonous but right now that seems to be all I'm capable of. We're both so exhausted most of our free time is spent at home lounging or watching a movie. Sometimes it does include reading, so it isn't all completely mindless activity but it is frequently not an IQ boosting time.

I'm beginning to except it as the season of life we are in right now. And I'm ok with that because we're both exhausted due to great jobs God has granted each of us so all of our needs and more are met. I'm also exhausted because of the duties home life continues to require of me on top of a job (which Ben I'm sure would say is true for him as well). I truly do not see how a mom finds the time to do everything she must to keep the home running while working a full time job and meet the needs of her kids. Props to those who have made it work! It makes me extremely grateful and reminds me of how blessed I am to have a husband who tells me "It's worth it" regarding all his long working hours so I will be able to stay home to keep our home running and take care of our child.

I hope one day, when I'm looking back on this season in my life, I will truly grasp the importance God has on this season in my life. I want to be able to have grown from it and been drawn closer to Him.

(Sorry if this post seemed very scatter-brained. It's frequently how it functions right now!)

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