The Bittersweet Goodbye

I don't know if I can type this without crying.

Today, Louis will go to his new home. A home that will provide love and care for him. A home where he will be able to run his little heart out with three kids who will love on him and wear him out. A home where he will get to go outside in a backyard. A home that will provide exactly what he needs.

It hurts to realize I'm not able to give him all the attention he needs. To know Ben and I are unable to exercise him the way he needs. It's frustrating finding us in a place where we can't have him. I wanted so terribly for him to be Zoë's little buddy.

Ah...Love is painful. VERY painful. And yet without it, this world would be full of self-absorbed hermits who have no memories made because their is no one to make them with.

I will miss my little Louis! I will always treasure the memories of him in my heart. I wouldn't have traded these past 7 months with him for the world.

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  1. :( I'm sorry Meg! I know it must hurt so badly... praying for peace for you and Ben!


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