Confidence - Found Only in Christ

So I've been looking into studies for next semester as I will be discipling a girl next semester. When we met just so we could get aquainted, I asked her what she would be looking for as far as what she wants to get from our time together. Her response was along the lines of really wanting to find a study that dives into confidence in sharing your faith.

As I have prayed and pondered over her request I have continually found myself wondering if I would even find such a study. As I was spending time in a Christian bookstore earlier this week, God quietly spoke to my heart, "Confidence is found in Me alone."

And the light is completely screwed in now!

I walked into the store wondering if I would really be able to find a good study and walked out realizing the best way to gain confidence is truly studying the Word and seeking God in everything. Take the time to study apologetics and other resources to help build your knowledge so you may better answer those questions thrown at you, but leave everything to God in the end. Seek His guidance to lead you as you discuss difficult topics with those He crosses your path with. Ask Him to help you step out in faith so you will not allow any opportunity He presents you to slip through your fingers. But realize, first and foremost, there is no study that will build your confidence, that is a product of relying on God and fully seeking after Him.

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