The Basketball Under My Shirt

My title is a great summation of how I look and feel right now. Well...add all the effects of that basketball actually being stuck inside you stretching you to the nth degree. Either way, I look like the kid who thought it is hilarious to shove a basketball under their shirt. It's nice that you can tell I'm pregnant and I don't just look like I'm packing on the pounds.

The fun part of where I am right now is how much I can see and feel Zoë move :) It looks like an alien is preparing to bust out of me. That may sound harsh but it really looks other-wordly watching it from the outisde.

My Sweet Little Zoë -

Dear one you are growing so big so quickly! My body shows more every day that God has His hand on your life. Daddy prays every day you will continue to grow healthy and strong. So far - God has blessed us by continuing to allow you to do so. It is amazing to know very soon you will be with us and we won't just "watch" you from our side of your world.

You have quickly started showing your acrobatic side :) I feel you move every day and we enjoy watching you make my stomach jump. It really looks like you want to punch out of me at times! The bigger you get the more we can see and, as weird as it seems at times, I love being able to see you move. Such a precious, sweet reminder of your little life. You still adore the comfiness of my bladder. I'm really not much of a fan of it anymore as you make me frequent the bathroom due to how big you're getting. Unfortunately, you're not a fan of me trying to get you off my bladder either. You respond many a time by mozying down even more onto your "pillow". Persistent little booger :)

I also cherish how much you seem to enjoy music. You're picky too! You move to a lot of different tunes but if you don't like it you will immediately stop moving. I'm not sure if you just inherited an affinity for loving music or if you will have an uncanny musical ability passed down from my side of the family. Either way I love how much you respond to music. So special!

Sweet Pea, I love you so unbelievably MUCH! Sometimes I can't believe how much I love you. I pray for you every day. Daddy and I have chosen Psalm 119:105 to pray over you: "Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path." We pray we will help to guide you to know and live in His ways. Our desire is to see you grow so that you depend on Him in everything trusting His word to light your path throughout your entire life. He is the reason we exist and we want you to know Him personally. I say all this because I know my love for you, which seems so great in human terms, pales in comparison to His love for you!

May God's hand continue to be on you in these last weeks as you develop and prepare to become a part of our world. May He keep both myself and you healthy and strong, just as Daddy prays, for the final 13 weeks.

I love you Bean!

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