If My Stomach was Clear...

Zoë would be mooning you! At least I'm almost positive her little tooshy is sticking up into the top portion of my abdomen. Every time I feel her move and I place my hand on the basketball I feel this bony protrusion, which is most definitely not round (so I doubt it's her head) and seems a little to big for a leg or arm. If it's not then oh well, but it sure is funny to think she has her butt high up in the air :)

Fun fact for you Zoë: You have now started kicking or punching in response to me pushing you around at times. Oh and also - you have learned my technique to get you off your comfy pillow (aka my bladder) and now respond by snuggling yourself down into it even more. I'm waiting for the day you make me pee as you do it :)

Love you Little Bean!!

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