A Little Overdue

So my life just doesn't seem to have much time for blogging these days (except in times like this when the hubs is taking his turn - I seriously have an amazing husband!). With a colicky baby, there isn't much time for anything except for finding ways to console her, which thankfully can include getting in the car and running errands (a baby who falls asleep in her infant seat is a blessing!). I did happen to get a few pics of her on Tuesday which happened to be her 1 month birthday!

Geez how time flies!

So since posting the pics about the only time I have, here ya go:

 This is Zoë when she was 11 days old

 My Little Sweetie :)

 Here she is 1 month old! I still can't believe she's been here that long...and how much she's grown.

Contemplating the possibility of crying for the camera

 I love her features :) (and yes I am a little biased but what's a momma to do?)

 Baby yawn

Had to get her full body - she is so long. I wish I could catch her with her legs stretched out, but I do love that I was able to capture her thigh rolls :)

Here are some stats for you Zoë:
  • You weighed 9 lbs 4.5 oz on your 1 month birthday! That's about 1 1/2 lbs in 2 weeks :)
  • You have successfully rolled from your tummy to back once this week. Ever since you have continually tried and cried in frustration as you get half-way there only to roll back to your tummy.
  • I am more convinced than ever many of your colicky bouts have a lot to do with you really feel you need to be heard. Many a time the way you cry makes me sure of this: you will fuss for several minutes, followed by a few whimpers with lip pursing only to open your eyes and make sure I am listening. Then you continue. I might lose my sanity but I have found humor in your need and how you voice it.
  • You LOVE to cuddle. LOVE! You will nestle your head under my chin or into the nape of my neck (or anyone who is holding you for that matter). So sweet!
  • You are a talker. Though you're still learning, so it isn't constant, you occasionally voice your opinion or babble. Cute as can be!
Sweet baby girl, you have stolen my heart (and momentarily my sanity)! Though I would not have planned for you right now, I don't know what I would do without you now that you're here. And though I will be grateful once our days of battling colic have passed, I wouldn't trade my time with you for the world.

I love you!

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