Time Flies

I frequently find myself crying as I watch Zoë rapidly grow. It's one thing to have everyone else tell you your baby has grown; it's completely another to realize it yourself and then think back on just how short a time has passed for that to happen.

I drive down Airline and cry (Airline is a major road in BR and the main way to get to the hospital).

I think about taking her home and cry.

I think about the difficulties we've surrmounted or are in the middle of and cry.

Ummm...I cry...at everything. I can partially blame it on the hormones, I mean they're still righting themselves right? Not to mention the lack of sleep we've had lately, though I must say it's more than some babies would allow.

She's only 5 weeks old but it feels like it was yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital. It still feels like she should fit in newborn diapers and clothes (it is consolation to my mind that 0-3 month clothes are generally quite big and baggy on her and size 1 diapers are still a bit big). It still feels like she should be small enough to swaddle in the normal 30x30 receiving blanket.

Just thinking about all the little pieces of memory that make her life make me teary eyed knowing I will blink and she'll be starting school. Another breath and she'll be graduating from high school, then, hopefully, college.

Geez I love that little girl! I want to hold her in my arms and never let her go. To smell her sweet baby smell and enjoy every moment of her cuddling with me (and she cuddles without any help - melts-in-your-arms kind of cuddle).

And yet I do want her to grow. I want to see her blossom into the person God designed her to be. To nurture her as best as I am able. To hear her sweet voice tell me she loves me back.

Here's to my tears reminding me life is but a vapor. Enjoy every moment I have while I am able.

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