This is My Life

A picture is worth 1000 words...

...and these are nothing pretty!

But even the faces in these two pictures don't sum up colic or how Ben and I feel right now. I hate how fast Zoë is growing up and yet I can't wait for some of the months to pass so I can slightly retrieve my sanity and she can enjoy life around her without fussing so much.

I've tried changing the diet. And putting her next to a dryer. And car rides. And going out on a walk. And you name it we've probably tried it.

Car rides work at times but who has money to spend on the gas to aimlessly drive around until their infant falls asleep? Not me!

Nothing works better than holding her. It still is crazy hard at times considering she still may scream in your face for several minutes. Talk about frustrating. 

I am currently awaiting my Moby Wrap to arrive. It will hopefully allow me to have both hands free so I can contiue with house hold work and console my daughter at the same time. I hope this thing works because it is definitely a last resort for a momma who was hoping to teach her daughter to console herself to sleep every time she goes down but can't because the little bean has colic :/

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