Getting in the Groove

As I start thinking of what the year has to bring, I'm beginning to realize I can somewhat look at a school calendar to get an idea of when the activities I'm involved in will be "off".

Kinda weird.

I haven't had to relate to a school calendar in 4 years.

Yeah...just a bit strange to me.

So anyway, this week kicked off both of the activities I'm adding to my life: Lapsit with Zoë and Moms.com, which is a weekly bible study for...you guessed it: moms :)

Unfortunately, due to the lovely Isaac sitting over our area for a few days, I missed the first lapsit. This is a reading program the library puts on here. I'm excited about it for two reasons:

     1) I LOVE reading to Zoë. She enjoys when we read together, too.

     2) I have always enjoyed reading. I can't remember not loving it. I want to pass that love on to my little sweet pea.

I'm hoping by going to lapsit we will be able to make new friends while also beginning to instill a love of learning and reading in Zo Zo. I hope I'm not building it up more than what it is but I'm pretty sure that's the reason the program is in place anyway. Who knows. Next week we shall see :)

Ummm...my brain is being really slow, it's getting really late, so I'm just gonna have to punch out and come back to finish this later in an other post.

OH - before I check out: I received an anonymous comment. A truly anonymous comment. As in, it didn't even go through Disqus. I'm not really sure how anyone can bypass that. Any help here? I know my older sister has had problems with it, but I'm not sure we ever found the answer to that. I also know my bloggy friend, Laura, started using Disqus to avoid completely anonymous comments (anonymous to all but her since Disqus requires at least an e-mail address). But, this person did it. I can't even respond to them and they asked me a question. So, any advice on how to not all comments that can't be replied to?


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