Our First Library Storytime

I so wish I would have brought my camera. Maybe that just proves I'm no photog. haha

Anyway, it was so fun watching Zoë interact with all the babies. The more she is around them the more she begins to open up. She's been around two of my friend's babies, who are around her age. For the most part, she sits and stares at them. Not much for the interaction.

However, when we sat down just before storytime started, she started talking to the other babies. It was really cute to watch her as she would do her own thing, in her own little world, and suddenly realize there were other babies to interact with.

She is also more of aware of an objects permanence. She cried when the librarian took the book away to show another child.

The little bean is growing. I can't believe she turns a half a year old this Thursday. :(

Alas, no brick will stop her. The only thing it will do is put a big ol' dent in her skull and I don't want to be responsible for messing up her pretty little head.


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