Memory Monday v.12

I want to cherish for a lifetime...

...this moment right now. The way you started giggling for no reason, gave yourself the hiccups, and then started laughing at yourself with the hiccups.

Sweet Zoë, I was sitting on your daddy and mine's bed when, out of the blue, you started giggling. No reason. You were just happily bouncing away in your johnny jump up (by the way, I love how much you enjoy that contraption. You can spend hours in it).

And then I heard you.

I look up to see you bouncing while smiling at me and giggling. And nothing was gonna stop you.

I'm not really sure how long you laughed but it was long enough to get me laughing with you. And to keep laughing.

You are precious, baby girl. Your personality comes out more and more every day. I am so blessed to be your mommy.

Love you, sweet pea!

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