The Bug that Killed Me

...or so I thought it would.

Let me start here: I thought I would share a story with you, my readers, because as I was feeding my little girl dinner tonight, a fruit fly decided to enter the picture. Dangerously close to going in her little mouth. I laughed at the thought of her possibly eating said bug as I swatted it away.

Why did I laugh? I mean, she's a bit young to be swallowing bugs. 6 months old tomorrow to be exact. A little young to be laughing about it right?

Well, I couldn't contain the laughter. Mostly because it reminded me of the story I'm about to share.

You see, when I was, oh...somewhere in the neighborhood of early elementary (6ish. 7ish. idk), I was outdoors playing tag with some of my friends. The weather was lovely, for a Baton Rouge almost summer day, and there was nairy a cloud in the sky. The area we were playing in had a few trees, but you don't need those to grow bugs around here.

Anyway, as I was running to our home base tree, I was squealing in delight. This, of course, means my mouth was wide open. I was little girl. How could I not?

And then I saw it. Way too late. A huge bug (after remeniscing, I've concluded it had to have been some type of beetle) was flying straight for my face. As I realized what it was, I felt some horribly hard, large object become lodged in my throat.

"Oh no!" I thought. "That HUGE bug just flew down my throat. Oh my gosh! Oh my GOSH! OH MY GOSH! I'M GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!" (No lie! That is what I thought.)

I never told anyone, because I just KNEW I was going to die. I was too afraid to admit to someone that in the next couple of days I would be no more. And I certainly didn't want them to confirm it.


I stil laugh at myself for thinking that. Here I am, almost twenty years later, and nothing to show for it. Never had a problem after.

Oh the simple mind of a child. I'm sure I will have such lovely stories like that to share as Zoë grows. At least, that is, if she shares them with me and gives the ok to post. Otherwise they will be recorded in her special paper & ink journal :)

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