Under the Weather

It's true. I drove another 12 hour trip back home on Sunday. My tailbone hurt, my body was stiff and I was sure my body was begging me to get back into shape because it just isn't acting as spry as it should be. (I'm also quite positive it was taking revenge for all the coca-cola I had on the way home.)

When I awoke yesterday morning, I found my acheyness (is that a word? Oh well...I just made it one.) worse and thought for sure I was running a fever.

But I wasn't.

And then it hit me like a plague after I took a nap yesterday afternoon. I went from no fever to a raging sore throat and a good ol' wopping 101º+ fever.

Oh goody!

This would be my first experience with me being sick and caring for a little one. I've had to care for her while she's sick, which is tiring to say the least, but me? No. I had been blessed thus far.

And let me tell you, I'm pretty sure it is much more difficult for me to be sick and care for her than for her to be sick and I am caring for her. Everything I do needs me to surrmount almost every last bit of energy I have just to get it done and then I feel like I could pass out. And considering we just spent a little over a week with her cousins who could entertain her, thus she didn't need me as much, doesn't help the situation.

Shoot, I'm not even up for typing out a long post. I just can't muster the energy.

All this to say, who knows if I'll write another post for this week.  Just figured I give you guys an update on our little world and, though I won't have any pictures to go with it, I will eventually get to reminiscing our wonderful time up in NWA.

We had a blast, for sure!

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  1. feel better! Get plenty of rest (even though im sure thats hard with the little one!)!


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