10 Months Old

No indeed!

Time has surely flown!

I'm still in awe of how much God has blessed me and changed me and continues to change me all because He bestowed this little being full of life to us 10 months ago. I never thought I would already be a mom but I'm definitely sure that I can't imagine life without her now. I have to choose to let go of the fear of losing her on a pretty regular basis knowing that God has authored her number of days and that is how He sees fit for her days to be here on this earth. That doesn't mean that I don't pray constantly that His will be she lives a long life dedicated to Him.

Because let me tell you, her little personality really came out in this last month.

So let's see,

10 month stats:

  • You are completely out of 9 month size clothes. Though 12 month sizes are a little loose. I'm not sure if you'd fit 9-12 month sizes because we don't have any clothes that size. You do fit your 6-12 month size jackets, though the sleeves on some of them are a little short. That is the biggest problem: you're long and lean. Not that you don't have baby fat. You have plenty of little rolls. You just don't have enough to keep pants up that fit your length and if we go down a size, well they're high waters on you. No can do.
  • I'm guessing you've gained about a pound. You're getting harder and harder to pick up.
  • We're transitioning to complete solid food and you love it! Makes you feel like a big girl. You just hate when you beg for part of my cookie and I don't share. (We're waiting to truly give you sweets until your first birthday. Two more months sweet girl! Then you'll have a cake all for you to destroy! :])
  • You aren't self-feeding yet. We tried. You would either fuss until we fed you or attempt to fling the food everywhere. We decided you weren't quite ready and will revisit it in the near future.
  • You know what the word "hungry" means. If I ask you and you are, you scoot as fast as can be over to me and start patting my foot. Oh and you fuss the entire time you're working your way to me. So cute!
  • If I haven't asked you if you're hungry yet, you will scoot over to me and start patting my foot. The time you usually do this is when I'm in the kitchen getting solids ready for you but just haven't asked. Girls gotta eat!
  • You now make your way to me if you want to be held or need attention and promptly start pulling on my pants leg. You even laugh at me when I stop what I'm doing and look at you. I can hide my face a couple of times and get a few chuckles out of you, but if I take too long and you're ready to be picked up you start fussing.
  • I witnessed you point at an object for the first time this week. What really surprised me is you also showed you can connect a word to an object (object/word identification?). When I saw you pointing, I immediately said, "Yes. That's a ball." So you pointed again and then started saying "ba" repeatedly and would say it nice and slow trying to say ball. You never got the word out, I didn't really expect you too, but it was so cute as you kept pointing and saying "ba". Pretty sure you will be able to actually talk quite early.
  • You're still not crawling full time. Scooting appeases you more as you're quite good at it and can get around rather swiftly that way. You have crawled some. But you typically flop to your belly and start scooting. I asked dad and his response about your crawling was this: "She crawls. She's just picky about it. She only does it when she decides she wants to."
  • You can sit up on your own. I noticed this about 2-3 weeks ago when you were in the kitchen. I made sure you were ok; you were on your belly. I turned around to talk to your Daddy and when I turned back around to check on you, you were sitting up!
  • You assume that when I turn on the blu-ray player that I'm turning on Praise Baby. It's really cute that you enjoy watching that, even though I don't turn it on that frequently. Even cuter that you know I have to turn everything on for it to play.
  • You have an iron will. Which isn't necessarily always fun to work with and train, but will can be a great tool, should God capture your heart, to use for the Kingdom. It will also help with hopefully establishing a great work ethic and a solid set of convictions. I just hope that both of those will one day fully come from a heart for Christ. (I asked Daddy if he thought I was right about you having an iron will and he said, "Yeah. I think it's iron with bronze and steel. It's gold plated with another layer of iron. And all of that's dipped in adamantium." So he's a nerd but I think he's right. You're will is quite strong :])
  • You went to the zoo for the first time this past month. It's been either really rainy or too cold to go back. The monkeys don't come out when it's this cold so we're gonna wait until it warms at least a bit before we return.
  • You d.e.s.p.i.s.e. us telling you "no no" when you really want to do whatever it was you had your mind set to. Probably your least favorite is when we remind you that your bib belongs on your belly and not pulled up to your face.
  • You LOVE your books. And they interest you even more now that you are a pro at turning the pages. You even love when Daddy or I let you turn them when we're reading a book with you.
  • You now have 5 teeth and I can tell, for sure, that 3 more are about to pop out. You could be working on more, but I can't tell and you're no fan of me feeling around on your gums. So we'll know once I can see them.
  • You waved for the first time this morning! You were so proud of yourself you ended up raising both of your hands and opening and closing your hands to wave. Then you puffed out your chest and exhaled with a huge smile. You're so cute when you are proud of yourself!
Sweet Pea,

You continually bring light and life to our lives! (I don't think dad would oppose me speaking for him.) It amazes me that so much time has passed by, but I'm loving how much you are interacting with me these days.

You freely give smoochies and they melt my heart every time. It's like you're telling me "I love you, Mommy" the only way you know how. You're even becoming accustomed to the different texture of Daddy's scruffies when you kiss his cheek. You're not completely sure about it, but you're more willing and it doesn't take long for you to smile after you kiss him, no matter how weird it feels to you.

Though it makes me sad to know that a year is almost behind us, I'm so grateful that I've had this time with you and have been able to spend all of my time with you. Though you may not understand it for a while, I hope that one day you will see and appreciate the sacrifice your Daddy makes so that I can be home with you.

I love you sweet girl!


P.S. I will add some pictures, but they are harder to come by these days when I'm taking them. For whatever reason, Daddy has a harder time getting you to smile and to top it off, it's harder to get you to stay put for very long. Add to that I'm no pro at photography and good pics just aren't easy to get.

P.S.S. I'm going to, hopefully this week, post the pics from the Zoo trip in another post. I just think they deserve there own, plust most of them are of the animals and I want the pics of you to not be duplicated between posts :)

This was this past week. I was trying to get a good pic of you with your new hat on. This was the face I got. HA! (BTW, Laura, I know I've told you once but I LOVE the hat! For those of you interested in purchasing something like that, go here.)

Cutie patootie! Don't think it shows the hat off real well, but I love the light in your eyes and your tiny grin.

I DYE LAUGHING every. time. I. see. this. You were sitting up one morning when I came to get you. I wanted to get a pic to capture the moment and said, "Say cheese!" Though I don't think you knew exactly what that meant, you gave me this face. LOVE!

Like I said, I'm no photog and you're much more difficult to capture. Still cute though :) This was taken yesterday on your 10 month birthday!

You kept trying to remove the hat. Kind of looks like you're saying, "Oh dear!"

So not happy the camera couldn't focus because you kept moving :( Still a cutie!

So look like you're modeling for the camera! HA!

Happy 10 Months, Zo-Zo bug!


  1. I LOVE the picture of her in the jacket! What a ham!

  2. Yay! That hat is a GREAT fit! Glad it actually arrived after all that trouble haha.

  3. Zoe is absolutely beautiful! She's stunning. And the little jacket is soooo cute!


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