Cease Striving

One thing I am loving about memorizing scripture is how much it permeates my thoughts.

I can't get Psalm 46:10 out of my thoughts.

And because of that, I'm constantly focusing on being still in trusting my God. The Creator of the Universe. Lover of my soul.

"Cease striving and know that I am God."

*sigh* (a good sigh, a cleansing breath of fresh air)

See, the definition of striving is as follows:
to devote serious effort or energy

And when situations arise in which my ugly self wants to try to control and ensure following events go a certain way, I find myself more tired. I find myself displeased. With myself. With life in general. With those around me. Not to mention, they never go how I planned them anyway.

Because whether I try to fool myself or not, I was never in control.

Which is why I kicked off this year memorizing this scripture. To remind myself, that no matter how things go this year, God is weaving a story bigger than I can imagine and if I would step back, trust Him, and look for the story He has for me, I can enjoy life much more, because in that I will be enjoying my Creator.

Good, no? I think so. 

Oswald Chambers made a statement in My Utmost for His Highest that spoke straight into this verse and where my heart is right now. It's from today's reading: "You do not know what you are going to do; the only thing you know is that God knows what He is doing."1

This statement could not be more true.

Think about it. Do you know what you're going to do until you've done it?

Absolutely not!

And yet we spend time attempting to control our plans and setting them out as though we know for certain they will happen.

Makes me thankful for verses like Psalm 46:10. So grateful God led me to that verse to kick off memorizing this year!

1. Chambers, Oswald. My Utmost for His Highest. Classic Ed.
Uhrichsville: Barbour & Company, Inc., 1963. 2. Print.


  1. I'm loving it too for the same reasons. :)

    I have pages in my journal about my verse. There is so much more I want to look up about it and I am certain I'll have at least one... if not three!... posts about it. Definitions alone bring so much more meaning to a verse. Good stuff!

  2. Okay. I just randomly came across your blog. Through others...kind of surfing around for a new favorite. I really really needed to hear what you said above. I've always said, "I'm putting my trust in God." But you know, it really is so much easier said than done. That doesn't mean I shouldn't do it, either. "I never really was in control." Thank you. I needed it. And I SERIOUSLY appreciate it.

    amanda @ we and serendipity


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