One Step At a Time

Linking up with Holley for her God-sized dreams series/link-up.

This may sound funny to many of you, but this week I sat down and wrote a small list of words I could use in place of cuss words in hopes that maybe they would come to mind instead of actual cussing.

Actually, it's kind of funny to me. I'm laughing at myself right now as I think about what I did. And yet, in the midst of laughing about it, a pleasurable feeling arises knowing I'm doing this for my own good. Knowing it's going to help me live a life more pleasing to Christ. A life that thinks of that which is "worthy of praise".

I'm laughing at myself though because I'm almost positive one of the words I wrote down was "monkeys". I also almost always immediately think of the phrase "cheese and rice" from Just Married when I think of something that has the consonants to relieve stress but only makes me think of, well, cheese and rice! HA!

And funny enough, I've noticed myself coming up with new words of replacement. I've started saying drats a lot. Not really sure where I got that from. Probably something my family says a lot that it's so overused I don't even notice it. I'm not sure. But I say it.

And then I smile.

I smile because with each step towards less profanity, I'm also seeing God work in my critical spirit and melting away the anger that I so easily lean towards.

Thank you, Jesus!

I'm jumping for joy inside, you guys!

I don't know how much I will struggle with this in the future or how long the final goal will take to be reached, but I do know this: my God is for me and He wants me to succeed in this!

Small steps.

Not always my first thought when diving into something I know He's asking of me, whether big or small, but I'm learning that they're the best because with every small step momentum is gained, confidence in the ability to pursue change is built, and moving ahead towards a life full of Him becomes my sole focus.


  1. That's a really beautiful and intentional small step! What joy that Jesus is taking control of this area in your life and you're surrendering it. Beautiful.

  2. Back in high school a guy I played soccer with, when wanting to swear he would just say "oh! Dirty words!" I thought it was pretty funny haha.

    Go you for making changes!

    1. I love that! I'm so using that from now on!

  3. i love the verse you chose for Beth Moore's Scripture team! :-)


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